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We have put togther some guides about the metals we use in our jewellery to help you better choose the piece thats right for you!

Tungsten Carbide @ Urban Male

Tungsten is a new metal used in the production of Jewellery and is becoming more and more popular, specially with Men as it is one of the hardest metals used in Jewellery. Tungsten is very, very hard 8.5-9 on the mohs scale (Diamond is 10) which makes it ideal for Rings and Bracelets. It has a nice chunky feel to the metal and comes in a natural soft grey colour or it can also come in black.

Why choose it for Mens Jewellery? well as mentioned it’s very, very hard which means it’s difficult to scratch. Tungsten when polished produces a mirror finish which is one of it’s most attractive properties, unlike other metals this finish will never fade. I have been wearing a Tungsten ring for about two years now and it looks just like it did when I first put it on. I never take the ring off and its been bashed about quite a bit when doing gardening and building work, but no major scratches.

Tungsten really is a great metal to buy Jewellery in and is ideal for Men, we don’t sell that much of it at the moment as most people don’t know what it is, we plan to change that! When customers do buy from our Tungsten Jewellery Range they tell us just how pleased they have been, but also come back time and time again for more!

Top Ten Tungsten Points

Tungsten is very, very hard 8.5-9 on the mohs scale (Diamond is 10)
It has a soft blue/grey colour
It is a modern metal used for it’s scratch resistant properties in jewellery
Tungsten Jewellery will last a lifetime
Tungsten is used in many items such as lightbulbs and ball point pens!
It has a high mirror finish
It has and is still used in ammunition, for armor piercing rounds
Tungsten is one of the best metals for Men’s Jewellery
Tungsten was discovered in 1758 by Axel Fredrik Cronstadt
Urban Male offers a massive range of Tungsten Jewellery for Men, often much cheaper than any other site!

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