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Cinema Releases – This month sees the release of the action packed Fast And Furious 7 which features Paul Walkers final appearance and also Jason Statham as the villain; all the original cast are back for what will surely be an explosive ride. Go and see it from April 3rd and if you’re feeling epic you could always watch the first 6 films beforehand!? Also out is the hotly anticipated Avengers: Age Of Ultron from Joss Whedon in which Tony, Hulk, Cap. and co will face their biggest adversary yet…Ultron! For the hardcore cinema goers out there, special screenings are being held of all 9 Avengers movies ending with an advanced screening of the new film. We’re particularly excited about seeing the ‘Hulk Buster’ in action; check out the trailer below.

Game Of Thrones – Any Thrones fans out there? The wait for season 5 of the popular fantasy epic has felt like forever and a day, but it’s finally here April 13th! The return to Westeros will surely be bolder than ever, with more blood, sex, and death to make us gasp in shock and reach for a bucket. For those wanting to catch up and see what all the fuss is about, every episode is available to view on sky; alternatively you could splash out on the newly released seasons 1-4 box set. You have until April 13th at 9pm (Sky Atlantic) to watch all 40 hour long episodes. Winter is coming.


Easter Weekend – For those of us lucky enough, Easter not only brings chocolate in copious amounts, but a long weekend too; are you rubbing your hands together yet? It’s right after payday for most of us, so a little fun is definitely in order (actually it would be the ideal time to start that Game Of Thrones Marathon!?); or you could just go out on the razz; OR, you could whip up a tasty paella for the family? Just throwing it out there…little bit of paella. Your choice entirely.

Now, big hollow chocolate eggs are ok and all, but we’d be more inclined to buy something a little more devilish, say, a whole box of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs (that’s 48). They’re on offer at 3 for £1 in quite a few places so a whole box would set you back a mere £16! Just the thought of possessing that amount of eggs (for a short time anyway) is enough to give anybody hyperglycaemia we think.

And just because it looks totally epic, check out this ‘Ostrich’ egg from Hotel Chocolat. A little frivolous at £75, but if you wanted to seriously impress someone this easter then this may be the egg for you.

300417_Easter 2015_Ostrich extra thick300417_Easter 2015_Ostrich extra thick-1



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