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After JLS announced their split last week, we thought we’d take a quick look at one of the members who has been quite open in admitting he wants to pursue a solo career of his own. Whether Aston sticks with music or makes the not uncommon switch to acting remains to be seen, however, we’re sure that he’ll remain in the public eye no matter what.

The JLS boys crafted quite a unique style for themselves and really brought on a new fashion era, within which it became much more acceptable for men to really look after themselves and take fashion seriously.

Aston himself is never without a piece of Men’s Jewellery, whether it be a Necklace, Ring or Earring.

Aston Merrygold covered in Male Jewellery

Aston Merrygold covered in Male Jewellery.

Less Jewellery, but still an important piece of his outfit.

Less Jewellery, but still important to his outfit.










Square Studs with CZ Stones - £8.99

Square Studs with CZ Stones – £8.99

Black Leather Wrap Bracelet - £9.99

Black Leather Wrap Bracelet – £9.99








Double Silver Dog Tags - £79.99

Double Silver Dog Tags – £79.99

Plain Stainless Steel Ring - £6.99

Plain Stainless Steel Ring – £6.99










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