Urban Male Working With Balls to Cancer Charity

The ever expanding charity Balls to Cancer has come to our attention, as it must have for many of you recently, so we at Urban Male have selected a pair of blue resin and stainless steel earrings to help out.

The charity’s aim is to fight cancer with fun and exciting activities such as mountain climbing, races, football and even bungee jumping, with the intent of raising funds for awareness and education of testicular cancer. Men are not exactly the most comfortable of people to confront such health issues so creating a comical name and having an aim of physical activities to break the boundaries of taboos, this charity is certainly making waves.

Here at Urban Male we are donating £4 from each pair sold at £5.99 so we are sure you’ll agree that is a huge amount and definitely something to shout about. The earrings themselves are simple but stylish with butterfly backing and high grade stainless steel, a perfect gift for somebody with the added bonus of a charitable donation.

It is a sad fact that two hundred thousand men are diagnosed every year in the UK alone with an average of ten deaths an hour, let’s help to tackle this by supporting Balls to Cancer.


Urban Male Charity Earrings

Balls to Cancer Charity Earrings

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