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We’re all about being comfortable in what you’re wearing and making sure that no matter which piece of jewellery it is you choose, that you wear it with confidence. Our range of bead and cord bracelets are designed for this exact reason. They’re relaxed, easy to wear and fairly understated (as far as our stuff goes). What’s also so great about them is that they all work extremely well together, making stacking them up a really stylish option.

Below we run through a few options available to you when opting for a bead or cord bracelet. As stated before these can be worn alone, or teamed up in endless combinations. In some cases we’ve done the work for you and collected some bracelets that work perfectly together in pre made stacks.

Bead Bracelets

First off we start with the classic bead bracelet. They’ve been around for years and are as popular today as they’ve ever been. The perfect relaxed look and a surprisingly sophisticated style if worn with the right outfit. We find that beads, more so than any other bracelet, work wonderfully when stacked together. Hence why we have teamed our ever faithful black beads up in a triple stack.

Black Bead Triple Stack - £5.99

Black Bead Triple Stack – £5.99

Blue, Brown & Cream - £4.99

Blue, Brown & Cream – £4.99






Brown & Cream - £4.99

Brown & Cream – £4.99






Black Bead - £6.99

Black Bead – £6.99








Cord Bracelets

We’re extremely proud of our collection of cord bracelets and are constantly looking to expand, with new colours and new designs keeping your selection fresh. There is an unbeatable range of colours available to you, that will set your summer outfits on fire. The majority of our cord bracelets come in the multi-strand design you see below, however, our range grows through the likes of plaits and other material combinations. These are a must have for the sunny months and will compliment almost anything you wear.

Brown & Blue Cord Multi-strand Bracelet - £5.99

Brown & Blue Cord Multi-strand Bracelet – £5.99

Cord Plait - £4.99

Cord Plait – £4.99






Multi coloured - £6.99

Multi coloured – £6.99






Black, White & Brown - £5.99

Black, White & Brown – £5.99








Bead & Cord Bracelets

For something simple and clean, give these bead and cord bracelets a try. Pictured below you can see how the uncomplicated single strand is coupled with a few accent beads which give the piece some interest without overwhelming it. These styles of bracelets are applicable to all situations and won’t look out of place under a suit or with a vest and shorts. Other options include our bead and cord stacks, which will give your wrist a fuller feel, whilst for the skull lovers out there, we have a  few skull bead designs.

Black Cord & Bead Bracelet - £4.99

Black Cord & Bead Bracelet – £4.99

Bead & Light Cord - £5.99

Bead & Light Cord – £5.99






Cord & Skull Bead - £6.99

Cord & Skull Bead – £6.99






Bead & Cord Stack - £5.99

Bead & Cord Stack – £5.99








Cord & Leather Bracelets

Finally, we move onto our cord and leather combination bracelets which come in many different styles, each with their own separate appeal. Plaits & multi-strands galore, with colours ranging from vibrant blues to mellow yellows, the leather and cord works beautifully together.

Brown Leather & White Cord - £6.99

Brown Leather & White Cord – £6.99

Yellow Cord & Leather - £5.99

Yellow Cord & Leather – £5.99






Cord & Leather Plait - £4.99

Cord & Leather Plait – £4.99






Modern Leather & Cord - £7.49

Modern Leather & Cord – £7.49









So there you have it, definitive round up of some bead and cord bracelets. They’re a fantastic casual piece of jewellery and with the sunny months just round the corner, why not give a few a try.

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