Colourful Bracelets – Men’s bracelets don’t always have to be brown or black

A dash of colour can go a long way when creating an outfit and a bracelet can be the perfect way of adding a little, but not too much. Vibrant and over the top pieces of jewellery have their place, however, for the most part, they are unnecessarily garish. Which is why we have collected together our broad selection of colourful bracelets that are both wearable on a day to day basis and bright enough to offer you something different to the usual blacks and browns.

Colourful bracelets aren’t as easily stacked together as their neutral toned counterparts, however, if you pick the right colour combinations, then you’re set to create something unique and special. Below, we run through the different colours and designs that are available to you, from plaits to stainless steel/rubber combinations we’ve got a bracelet to bring some extra colour to your life.

Colourful Wrap Bracelets

The wrap bracelet is on of our favourite styles because it provides a full wrist whilst maintaining its simplicity. The single strand looped round 4 times does not over complicate the wrist making it an ideal bracelet. We also boast our broadest range of colours in this style, with blues to reds all available. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, then wearing two of these together can offer a great unique style, for example, the blue an yellow are the perfect bright summer look.

Green Leather Wrap Bracelet - £9.99

Green Leather Wrap Bracelet – £9.99

Red Wrap - £9.99

Red Wrap – £9.99






Yellow Wrap - £9.99

Yellow Wrap – £9.99






Blue Wrap - £9.99

Blue Wrap – £9.99








Colourful Multi Strand Bracelets

The multi strand bracelet is one of our most faithful designs and has stood the test of time remarkably well. We’ve ensured that the range is constantly updated to keep it fresh and exciting, like the brightly coloured design bottom left. What’s so great about the multi strand bracelet is that by definition it provides the opportunity for multiple colours on multiple strands to be used. What this has allowed us to do is to create a collection that showcases many different colour combinations on just one style of bracelet. All in all, a brilliant, relaxed bracelet.

Bright Coloured Multi Strand Bracelet - £4.99

Bright Coloured Multi Strand Bracelet – £4.99

Multi Colour - £6.99

Multi Colour – £6.99






Blue Multi - £5.99

Blue Multi – £5.99






Leather Multi - £7.99

Leather Multi – £7.99








Colourful Plaited Bracelets

The plait comes in many different shapes and sizes but always looks great. Whether in a tight single colour plait or a loose double colour design, the knitting together of material makes something sophisticated and stylish. Below is evidence of how both single and multiple colour plaited bracelets can work. For a smarter feel, a single colour plait is usually best, with multiple colours giving a fantastic casual style.

Red Leather Plaited Bracelet - £6.99

Red Leather Plaited Bracelet – £6.99

Red & Green - £4.99

Red & Green – £4.99






Purple Band - £12.99

Purple Band – £12.99






Blue & Yellow - £4.99

Blue & Yellow – £4.99








Colourful Stainless Steel Bracelets

Our stainless steel range of colourful bracelets gives you an alternate option to that of the usual cord and leather. With the exception of the blue handcuff bracelet, all these bracelets use a combination of rubber and stainless steel to give them the colourful effect. These are a rare style, but one that should be utilised more, especially when looking to add a little hint of colour to a plain suited outfit. They work similarly to other smart accessories such as pocket squares and cufflinks.

Stainless Steel & Orange Rubber Link Bracelet - £19.99

Stainless Steel & Orange Rubber Link Bracelet – £19.99

Blue Strip - £19.99

Blue Strip – £19.99






Handcuff - £39.99

Handcuff – £39.99






Green - £14.99

Green – £14.99








We hope this shows you that you don’t have to be restricted to just browns and blacks when choosing your bracelets. Pick your colour wisely and you’ll love the look it provides you with.

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