Cross & Crucifix Pendants – Modern AND Traditional

Our Cross and Crucifix Pendants are undoubtedly the most popular pendant we sell, which is why have put so much time and effort into sourcing as many different options as possible. You may be under the impression that a cross is a cross and a crucifix a crucifix, however, you’d be very wrong in this assumption.

First of all, we’ll quickly clear up any misconceptions about the difference between a cross and a crucifix. Basically, crucifixes have the image of Christ still on them and crosses don’t. Simple as that.

Both styles have been around for years and have incredibly strong religious ties. However, they are also commonly worn solely as a fashion pieces. Below we’ve broken down the pendants into modern and more traditional styles, allowing you to go for either a classic look or something more contemporary.

Traditional Cross Pendants

The cross’ popularity comes from its symbolic and simplistic shape. Below are two great examples of how the traditional pendant can transfer into a modern day scenario. Jewellery is often at its best when it’s kept simple with clean lines and the pendant on the left shows this. The pendant on the right incorporates a more intricate design with a fleur de lys centre piece, which gives it  a highly traditional feel.

Simple Traditional Cross Pendant - £9.99

Simple Traditional Cross Pendant – £9.99

Ornate Traditional Cross Pendant - £19.99

Ornate Traditional Cross Pendant – £19.99













Modern Cross Pendants

Not all cross pendants have  to be plain, however. More modern designs are available, which take the classic shape and then have some  fun with it. Examples below include a winged heart made from solely stainless steel, which has proved to be an incredibly popular piece. Then also one of our newest pieces of jewellery, the Blue CZ Stone Cross which is perfect for adding a dash of colour to your neckwear.

Modern Winged Cross - £18.99

Modern Winged Cross – £18.99

Polished Cross with Blue CZ Stones - £16.99

Polished Cross with Blue CZ Stones – £16.99













Traditional Crucifix Pendants

Now we move onto crucifixes which are a much stronger religious symbol. Some people are not comfortable wearing such a piece because of what it symbolises, however, for those that are it can be a powerful statement. Once again, we’ve split up our designs into traditional and modern styles, however, unlike cross pendants which vary widely, crucifixes do not. Below are 2 great classic examples of crucifix pendants, with the one pictured left being our most popular.

Traditional Crucifix Pendant - £14.99

Traditional Crucifix Pendant – £14.99

Two Colour Crucifix - £14.99

Two Colour Crucifix – £14.99













Modern Crucifix Pendants

These slightly more modern takes on the crucifix pendant utilise colours and shapes to enhance the piece’s charm. The contrast of a small Jesus and large rod cross on the right makes for a stunning statement. Then the triple colour layers of the pendant pictured left, ensure that your neckwear is something a little different.

Three Colour Crucifix - £8.99

Three Colour Crucifix – £8.99

Modern Rod Crucifix - £16.99

Modern Rod Crucifix – £16.99











Whether you’re religious or not, a cross or crucifix pendant should definitely be considered.

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