December Trend Focus – Nature

Urban Male Jewellery Wolf Ring

Our December trend focus – Nature. A popular trend in fashion at the minute is the use of nature in patterns for clothing, from prints to logos, nature is being used more and more. With such a vast spectrum of animals, flowers and plants etc., these patterns give a great look to any man, whether it be a subtle touch or big bold prints. We have selected a few items from the Urban Male range where nature has inspired us to design some pieces to complement this trend, perfect to give as gifts for Christmas. Everyone knows that December is the dreaded month of having to think of gift ideas, so if you aren’t feeling too generous then scrap it all together and just treat yourself ready for the party season.


Urban Male Jewellery Stag's Necklace
Stags are always popular in fashion, with stag’s heads, antlers and horns used many times in prints or logos. Here we have our popular leather dog tag necklace with a Stag’s Head design on it in an antique gold finish.

From our Winter shoot, the necklace looks perfect with a nature themed print t-shirt and faux fur lined coat, a great casual (and WARM) look for this Winter. The necklace offers a simple look and once combined with these fashion pieces you can see it simply adds the finishing touch to the look and a must have for your jewellery collection.

You never have to overload with lots of pieces to transfer a trend or style on to your own look, by adding subtle touches such as a tree print on the t-shirt, a fur lined coat and a stag necklace you can easily achieve the look without over doing it.


Lions are a popular choice for men as they evoke the ‘King’ or dominant male in us, it might even give you a well-earned boost to your ego, (disclaimer: not guaranteed). This look combines the trend of nature with our November Trend Focus – Metallics.

This lion pendant necklace is made from an aged, gold finish stainless steel; the aged look and black detailing gives it less of a ‘bling’ look and much more of a dull, antique finish. We have put this necklace with a simple t-shirt and jacket for a more casual style, this makes the focus much more about the necklace and less on the overall fashion. The lion’s head really pops out at you, rather than being a subtler statement piece like the stag’s head necklace.

Urban Male Jewellery - Lion King Necklace


Urban Male Jewellery - Wolf Ring
What could be manlier and give you a bit more ‘grrrr’ than a Wolf ring? Our detailed wolf ring comes in an aged golden finish and is made from hard-wearing stainless steel, perfect for guys to wear every day. This is a real statement piece for guys to wear either for a casual look, or it’s the perfect ring to wear on nights out; not only to keep you on the nature trend, but also as a talking point as people sure will notice this bad boy on your finger.

There we have December’s trend focus, worth remembering if you want to stay with the current fashion trends. Maybe you just love nature or fancy yourself as a bit of a king of the jungle, but nature inspired pieces of jewellery are a must have for any fashionable guy this Winter; trust us, we live and breathe jewellery every day of the year!

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