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Summer is waning and we’re being gradually reminded of what winter feels like, but there is hope; we’ve rounded up our top 5 things to do this month to see the summer out in style (that’s lots of drinking, eating, and general tomfoolery). So if you’ve a taste for fun, excitement and mega sensory overload then read on, and you’ll be sure to find a tickle or two to please your fancy.


Urban Food Fest – Now anything with ‘Fest’ in the title has got to be good right? Couple that with food and you’ve got a rich sounding man thing for men; any food lovers really, but men like their man things don’t they?  The Urban Food Fest is a giant, free street style festival celebrating all things edible from all over the world, complete with entertainment and seating (seats, what a luxury!?) and more food and booze you can shake a spiced weasel at. It’s location is the oh so glamorous sounding Euro Car Park in Shoreditch, London, but who hasn’t had a great night in a car park before? It started in August but is running every saturday from 5pm-midnight until 25th October (with the exception of Sep 13th). The stalls themselves will be providing notable culinary delights such as Korean Ramen burgers and fries, macaroons and (cronuts?), grilled cheese sandwiches, german curry wurst, taco’s, brownie’s and cake’s, real ales, urban specialist cocktails (yep), and even a ‘V’ corner for some darn good vegetarian food. Wow, the list does literally go on and merely thinking about all this is enough to make you involuntarily short your saliva glands. So take a look for yourself and see if you get a little pee like we did.

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Egremont Crab Fair – Every bit as ‘local’ as it sounds, but by no means dull, the Egremont Crab Fair  in Cumbria is one of our more unusual picks as it is home to the world gurning competition in which scores of people are encouraged to screw up their faces to match even the likes of Jackie Stallone. One of the legendary names associated with the fair is Tommy Mattinson, winning 1st place in the gurning 15 times (that’s gotta ache). This annual fair is held on the 3rd Saturday in September (2oth this year) and is actually claimed to be one of the oldest fair’s in the world, dating waaay back to sticks and stones in the year 1267. The name itself ‘Crab Fair’ doesn’t actually refer to the mean looking rock pool squatters, but crab apples, and one of the main highlights of the fair is the ‘parade of the apple cart’ where you’ll find street dancing and a truck from which apples are thrown into the crowd ( health and safety anybody? They’re no tomatoes). Aside from the gurning and the pulpy apple slush, other attractions include greasy pole climbing, food and beverage vendors, and also… Cumberland…and Westmorland…wrestling! With excitement at every turn, this major local event (providing you don’t get a pip in your eye) will knock your little socks off and leave you with a humble buzz.

Crab apples                                                                Tommy Mattinson                                        Greasy pole climbing

crab-apples   thumb     greasypole


Found Ceremony FestivalThis event marks the closing of the London festival season with a massive celebration and an awesome dubbed ‘new electronic’ festival sound, exploring the early influences, present day talent and future electronic sounds. A great end to the summer so check it out if you’re a budding music lover and party goer because it’s sure to be bursting with energy, tasty beverages and good music. Located at Finsbury Park, which is a renowned music venue, on 13th September from 11am – 10pm.

Found-Festival-2014-Dan-Medhurst-7068   ceremony-fest-lineup


Camden Town – Renowned worldwide for its diverse, alternative culture, Camden Town is a hive of activity all day long and well into the night, so a visit to this popular tourist area is never dull. With it’s glut of unique stylish bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from, live entertainment, global food stalls and famous market, it’s definitely a destination to set all year round. If you’re going for the bars you’ll be totally spoiled for choice with great venues like the Barfly, host to countless live performers, Brew Dog, where you can pick yourself up a tasty craft beer, and Proud Camden, an old stable which actually still looks like a stable. If you’re a foodie then why not check out the Camden Lock deli which is running every wednesday 10am – 4pm until the end of the year, where you can indulge in all manner of cakes, pastries, pies and cheeses plus lots more. For a more lively affair you can get yourself over to Dingwalls at 10pm for the House Party which is on every Saturday until September 27th; hang out in the living room with current chart music, head up to the loft for a bit of funk and house or get down and dirty in the basement.

Deli-markert-10    BARFLY_Cons    Stables_market


The International London Tattoo Convention – Perhaps not for everyone, but for those that appreciate a magnificent, sprawling tattoo and the whole culture that goes with it then this is one event that is not to be missed. Running from 26th – 28th September at Tobacco Dock, Porters Walk in London it features over 400 of the worlds best tattoo artists, live entertainment including burlesque dancers, sword swallowing, acrobats, Hell’s Bell’s AC/DC tribute band, King Kurt and the Boneshakers, and so much more. The venue itself  is highly impressive featuring open brick work and domed ceilings with a bit of a steam punk look about it; the building was developed in 1990 as a shopping center but never got going and is now used for corporate events, parties and conventions. Even if you don’t want a tattoo done there’s plenty to keep you entertained like artists displays, stalls with all the apparel you’d expect from such an event, and thousands of like minded people to chat to. You will need a ticket and you can either buy online in advance or you can buy tickets on the day, but there’s only £5 difference so that’s up to you.

sailorjerry49    LONDON TATTOO CONVENTION 2011 - Outtakes Rise#17    10043633894_86db014fb1


Wow, that’s a lot of fun.

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