Fake Plugs & Expanders, the new men’s earring!

For a long time the men’s jewellery market has been dominated by stud and hoop earrings, with the black stud in particular making real waves in the men’s earring department. Recently, however, as men become more open to experimenting with new styles, our Fake Plugs and Expanders have shone through as a style to watch!

The beauty of a fake plug or expander is how they provide the wearer with a stretched ear effect, without the actual pain and commitment of going through the stretching process legitimately. Stretching your ear isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly and for some it is completely unrealistic, which is what makes these plugs and expanders so perfect. Simply put them in and take them out as you please with nothing but a normal ear piercing necessary. What’s more, if you’re genuinely considering properly stretching your ear, then these will give you a good idea of how you’ll look, before diving head first in.

The Black Style

Comfortably the most popular colour for men’s jewellery, our range of black stretchers and plugs offer you something a little alternative to the usual plain black stud.

Black Fake Plug Expander - £4.49

Black Fake Plug Expander – £4.49

Black Star Fake Plug - £3.99

Black Star Fake Plug – £3.99

Black Fake Expander x CZ - £4.99

Black Fake Expander x CZ – £4.99

Black Square Spike Plug - £3.99

Black Square Spike Plug – £3.99



















The Colourful Fake Plug

If you’re going to give any of these fake expanders or plugs a go, then you should really consider these. They look incredibly realistic and come in a fantastic array of colours. From solid reds to wonderful marbled tones, they’re a great casual earring to freshen up your style. Each fake plug is made from high quality stainless steel with a 12mm diameter, which once screwed through the ear, fits snugly against the lobe to give the stretched effect.

Fake Plug Style

Fake Plug gives a realistic stretched look.

Red Fake Plug Expander - £4.49

Red Fake Plug Expander – £4.49

12mm diameter gives the stretched ear affect.

12mm diameter












Blue Marble Fake Plug - £4.49

Blue Marble Fake Plug – £4.49








The Colourful Fake Stretcher

Available in similar colours to their plug counterparts, these fake spike expanders offer a completely different shape, feel and style. Gone are the days when a behind the ear butterfly back was your only option. These earrings utilise a screw fixing which allows the earring to look fantastic from both the front and back.

Tapered Spike offers a stretched style

Tapered Spike offers a stretched style

Green Spike Fake Expander - £4.49

Green Spike Expander – £4.49

Solid Green Spike Fake Expander

Solid Green Tapered Spike












Orange Spiked Ear Stretcher - £4.49

Orange Spiked  Stretcher – £4.49








The CZ Set Fake Expander

These fake expanders give the realistic stretched ear appearance, whilst also providing a CZ front. They’re a great piece of jewellery, which include a lot of aspects we look for when stocking new earrings for men. These particular fake expanders come with their very own o-rings to help give an even more authentic stretched ear look.

Purple CZ Stone - £4.99

Purple CZ Stone Fake Expander – £4.99

Blue x CZ Fake Expander - £4.99

Blue x CZ Fake Expander – £4.99

Orange x CZ Fake Expander - £4.99

Orange Fake Expander – £4.99

Green x CZ Stone Fake Expander - £4.99

CZ Stone Fake Expander – £4.99



















We’re really excited about these this year and we think you should be too, so make sure you keep an eye on this range because we’ll definitely be expanding it in 2014.


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