Fashion Focus: PUMP! Underwear


PUMP! underwear is a brand that strives to be different, combining practical sportswear with a bold and sexy style. The brand design focuses around youth and fitness, but their products (which also include tank-tops) are more than just an image as they boast an incredible quality by utilizing carefully chosen materials, some of which are custom made. Their aim is to provide a comfortable, natural feel without compromising durability. The most distinguishing features are the thick waste band, bright colours and the innovative use of mesh material across the majority of their range. What we found interesting in their ‘jogger’ underwear is that pockets have been incorporated, so when you’re playing sports you’ll have somewhere to put that bit of loose change; very handy indeed! Visit their website for more information and if you fancy winning a set of underwear just scroll to the bottom of the page.




PUMP! Underwear Boxers Giveaway

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Author: Urban Male

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