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Get ready for this months top film releases as you’re treated to a good helping of Cumberbatch, Mcconaughey in space and some quality Katnip as well as a posthumous performance from Tony Soprano and yet more horrible bosses. Welcome to our Top 5 Films for November.


The Imitation Game – This World War II drama tells the story of legendary code breaker Alan turing who famously broke the Enigma machine, significantly shortening the war. Starring the unstoppable force that is the Cumberbatch alongside Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode, The Imitation Game looks to be another award bait drama to start the flow of tears. It will be released on November 14th here in the UK. Cumberbatch.


Interstellar – From Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight) comes the much anticipated sci-fi blockbuster about a perilous space mission to save the earth…sounds familiar right? Well, one look at the trailer and you’ll see this is a film with a difference; Mcconaughey in space…with the Nolan treatment (which means a lot of dark tones, a fantastic blood pumping score and thrilling action sequences). The film also stars Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine so expect some ‘stellar’ performances from the films cast and a walking block of metal to remind you this is a sci-fi movie. It is released on November 7th.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – Up next is the beginning of the end for Katniss and co as they wage war against the capital. Following the latest trend of milking a franchise for all it’s worth the finale has been split into 2 films to better adapt the novel. Having said that, it worked rather well for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and only time will tell if The Hobbit actually needed 3 films. Alongside the Hobbit, Mockingjay is probably one of the years most anticipated sequels and fans of the book are no doubt speculating as to where the films cliffhanger will leave us. The beginning of the book was a bit boring as a lot of The Hunger Games is all about Katniss on TV and getting her make up done by a team of ponces, but the films have balanced that out quite well, so we’re expecting less powdering and more pounding. See it on November 21st.


The Drop – Set in Brooklyn, New York (wonder how many film synopses start like that?), this is a tale of gangsters (wow really?…in New York!?) that centers on a barman (Tom Hardy) whose job is a front for handling the cities dirty money, but when said dough gets stolen it spells danger from the mob as they try to hunt down the stolen cash. This actually looks really gritty and promises to deliver an action filled thriller with potential plot twists that will see the late James Gandolfini out in style. Expect guns, grey skies, and tense, gravelly dialogue; you’re probably gonna want a hawt dawg watching this movie. It’s out November 14th.


Horrible Bosses 2 – We liked Horrible Bosses so were pleased to see a sequel pop up (not quite as much as Anchorman 2) which looks to be just as funny. The plot goes that Dale Kurt and Nick try to start their own business but an investor deal goes wrong and they naturally resort to kidnapping. New cast members Chistoph Waltz and Chris Pine look totally watchable as the bosses, and Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey reprise their roles from the first outing. Go watch funny men Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day on November 28th.

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