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Tinie Tempah has just hit the headlines for his opening performance at the Bafta 2014 ceremony. However, not for the performance itself, but for his cheeky high five with Prince William. We’ve always admired his style and sense of fashion, especially now with him becoming a recognised face of menswear, and so we thought now was the perfect time to give his jewellery choices the once over.

Below he’s started simple, pictured wearing a clean diamond stud earring. It’s small enough in size so as not to appear garish or overpower his ear, however it is big enough to offer a definite feature to his head. A very clean cut, smart way to style a men’s stud earring. We have a huge range of CZ stud earrings in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so you can wear this look in your own individual way.

Simple Clear Stone Stud

Simple Clear Stone Stud

Round CZ - £7.99

Round CZ – £7.99

Single Square CZ - £4.99

Single Square CZ – £4.99

Black Set CZ - £4.99

Black Set CZ – £4.99

Star CZ - £5.24

Star CZ – £5.24







Secondly, we show once again how Tinie has opted for simple pieces of jewellery to help accessorise his outfit. He is the perfect example of how men can wear more than just one piece of jewellery and still keep it understated and stylish.  A chunky pinky ring and  a plain gold chain stand out from the rest of his outfit without over complicating it. Sometimes there isn’t any need for intricate pendants and a chain alone will suffice. All our rings are made from stainless steel, which is the perfect material for something that is likely to be roughed around a little bit. Whilst our chains all look great worn alone like Tinie or combined with a men’s pendant.

Gold Chain & Chunky Little finger Ring

Gold Chain & Chunky Little Finger Ring

Ridged Ring - £6.99

Ridged Ring – £6.99

Wide Band - £8.99

Wide Band – £8.99

Two Colour Chain - £39.99

Two Colour Chain – £39.99

Twisted Rope Chain - £12.99

Twisted Rope Chain – £12.99







Finally, Tinie shows us his preferred bracelet style. Once again teamed up with his pinky ring, this black bead bracelet is simple, smart and sophisticated, a common theme in all his men’s jewellery choices. The bead bracelet is a growing trend in men’s fashion and we’re right at the forefront with our ever expanding range. What’s so great about them is that they look great worn alone, as Tinie shows us, or stacked up and worn together.

Black Bead Bracelet and Chunky Little Finger Ring

Black Bead Bracelet and Chunky Little Finger Ring

Black Bead Set - £5.99

Black Bead Set – £5.99

Chunky Black Bead - £3.99

Chunky Black Bead – £3.99

Black & Silver Bead - £6.99

Black & Silver Bead – £6.99

Black & White Bead - £3.99

Black & White Bead – £3.99







If ever you’ve needed a perfect example of how to wear men’s Jewellery stylishly, then Tinie Tempah is exactly that. He wears everything with confidence without shoving it in anyone’s face. Men’s accessorising at its very best.

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