Hoop Earrings – A timeless piece of men’s jewellery

The Hoop Earring has been around for centuries and is likely to remain a staple piece of jewellery for years to come. As with any piece of fashion, their popularity has had peaks and troughs, with the 1980’s Hip Hop culture providing them with their biggest resurgence in men.

Stud Earrings are so popular with men right now, that Hoop Earrings often get over looked as a style option, despite arguably being a more classic look. Either worn in a single ear or styled in both, Hoop Earrings can offer an extremely classy and alternate look on men. Don’t feel like Studs are your only option! Men’s Hoop Earrings are something that will be around for a long time to come, so why not jump on board now and try some out, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Black Style Hoop Earrings

If it’s in black, then it’s going to look good and be popular. Our hoop earrings are no different.  They’re simple, sleek and stylish and are a great way to m ix up your black stud earring style. We even offer a black stud & hoop earring set because they’re both such fantastic men’s earrings.

Black Hoop Earring - £9.99

Black Hoop Earring – £9.99

Plain Black Hoop - £9.99

Plain Black Hoop Earring – £9.99






Clean Black Hoop Lines - £9.99

Clean Black Hoop Lines – £9.99






Sandblasted Black Finish - £8.99

Sandblasted Black Finish – £8.99









Colour Splatter Hoops

Here’s our Urban Male take on the classic men’s hoop earring. This range of colourful splatter Hoop Earrings is just what you need for the upcoming sunny months. Available in 5 different colours, there will definitely be a style to fit your taste. They’re a great casual earring to set your outfits on fire!

Splatter Colour Hoop Earring - £6.99

Splatter Colour Hoop Earring – £6.99

Splatter Hoop Earring - £6.99

Splatter Hoop Earring – £6.99


Multi Colour Splatter Hoop - £6.99

Multi Colour Hoop – £6.99






Secured Hinged Design Hoop - £6.99

Secured Hinged Design – £6.99













Pattern Print Hoop Earrings

A different take on our plain black hoop earrings are these hoops with a silver design printed on top. The silver print design works flawlessly with the black, offering subtle interest to an otherwise plain hoop. Available in a tribal, star & dragon designs, these are a black earring that give a little extra.

Tribal Pattern Black Hoop - £6.99

Tribal Pattern Black Hoop – £6.99

Triple Star Black Hoop Earring - £8.99

Triple Star Hoop – £8.99






Black & Silver - £6.99

Black & Silver – £6.99






Black Dragon Hoop - £8.99

Black Dragon Hoop – £8.99








Silver Style Hoop Earrings

Perhaps the most classic off all the men’s hoop earrings, you know exactly what you’re getting with our silver and stainless steel hoops. Clean cut lines, uncomplicated style & a classy feel, these hoops rival their black hoop counterpart. We offer both huggie hoop designs that are more fitted to the lobe, as well as a lower more free hanging hoop. Silver & stainless steel are both wonderful materials to make durable & quality hoop earrings.

Plain Stainless Steel Hoop - £6.99

Plain Stainless Steel Hoop – £6.99

Single Silver Hoop - £5.99

Single Silver Hoop – £5.99






Sandblasted Hoops - £8.99

Sandblasted Hoops – £8.99






Polished Finish - £8.99

Polished Finish – £8.99








Hoop are here to stay and can look really classy if worn with the right outfit, so you should definitely consider them as a style option.

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