How much men’s jewellery is too much?

How much men’s jewellery is too much? It’s a question that is basically impossible to answer because it all comes down very much to your own personal preference. For some a single simple bracelet is more than enough accessorising, whereas for others, being seen without at least an earring, necklace, numerous bracelets and a ring is completely out of the question.

That is what’s so great about men’s jewellery, there really are no rules. Well actually, there is one rule…. WEAR SOME!

A lot of men are under the impression that by wearing numerous pieces of jewellery their outfit will look less sophisticated and over complicated. Well we’ve styled our model in no less than FIVE pieces of men’s jewellery and personally think it goes to show how much they enhance his outfit rather than clutter it.

The key to the outfit below is picking pieces that compliment each other without overpowering the rest of the ensemble. If you’re loading up, it’s often best to keep it simple with neutral leather colours and uncomplicated shapes.


We went with our ever popular Black Stud Earring, a piece of jewellery that just looks great with everything!

Two Leather Bracelets, one with a plaited design for an added bit of detail, the other a Leather Wrap to fill the wrist. Stacking bracelets in this way is quickly becoming a very popular style for men.

A stainless steel Ring with plain black band, which links perfectly with the black stud.

Then finally a Skull Pendant on Leather Necklace, which because of the simplicity of the rest of the outfit, can involve a little more detail and intricacy.

Urban Male Model Shot

Numerous pieces of Jewellery to enhance an outfit

Grab our model’s look below:-

Black Stud Earring - £8.99

Black Stud Earrings 6mm – £8.99

Plaited Bracelet - £6.99

Plaited Leather Bracelet – £6.99

Multi Leather Bracelet - £6.99

Multi Leather Bracelet – £6.99

Skull Necklace - £12.99

Skull Leather Necklace – £12.99

Black Stripe Ring - £8.99

Black Single Stripe Ring – £8.99






Good luck with your future jewellery choices. The most important thing to take from this is that as long as you feel comfortable with what you’ve got on, you’re probably on the right track.

Urban Male

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