Ingredients For A Man Cave

You’ve all vowed to go to the gym or quit smoking or even find a better job, but why not sink your teeth into a good ‘ol’ man project this year. It is a dream shared by many, and a dream come true for some to have their ultimate Man Cave; but what essential ingredients do you need to assemble your enviable, indulgent retreat? Ideally you would commandeer the basement, because what better place to take up residence than the subterranean depths a la Batman himself. But…for those with no such luxury you may consider the loft, the shed, the garage, the spare room or the secret room behind the bookcase that nobody knows about?

There is usually a theme for the cave, some may say shrine, so memorabilia for desired theme is essential for creating this lavish dwelling. Sport would be a first choice for many, but alternative themes may steer toward any passion/guilty pleasure that could inspire an opulent living space, such as science fiction or a magnificent collection of some kind.


The first basic thing you’ll need is a disgustingly large television with surround sound and all that jazz. Some of you may use that as the main focal point, perhaps creating the perfect home cinema to host movie nights or watch the football, or even the ULTIMATE gaming zone with every console hooked up and ready to go! The second would be memorabilia for any hobbies or popular culture, displayed in a stylish way of course, with lights and stuff; even just a well stocked library would look amazing. No man cave is complete without a store of food and drink, so a fridge or even a whole bar would increase the cool factor up a few notches, and if it’s within your budget, why not build a shaft where you can have hot meals delivered by your butler (maybe not). Comfortable seating is equally important so you may want to invest in lots of cushions, bean bags and the all important reclining chair, depending on what you’re going for of course. But some sort of throne should be considered, after all you are the king of this domain.


If you have the time and space then this would make a great project to keep you busy. You can even buddy up with someone to create a shared space; perhaps a father & son bonding experience, or just you and your best bud. Be inventive, resourceful, and create something to be proud of.


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