ID Bracelets – A personal piece of jewellery like no other

The ID Bracelet saw its rise in popularity through the 1950’s and 1960’s where teens built a fashion craze that eventually spread through all walks of the fashion world. This was the time period in which men were most commonly spotted wearing ID Bracelets and until now, most forms of jewellery were restricted to women. You could say, that the ID Bracelet opened up the men’s jewellery floodgate.

Today, although not as commonplace, the ID Bracelet still holds its own special place in the men’s jewellery market. They are a fashionable piece that demands attention, with the engravable plate giving them a personal touch which is all important in a piece of jewellery.

The Classic Curb Link

One of the most traditional pieces of men’s jewellery, the Curb Link ID Bracelet is a stylish piece of wrist wear that we absolutely love.  In a simple, polished stainless steel finish, it makes an extremely classy bracelet, with engraveable plates leaving ample room for personalisation. We also have a curb link with black engraveable plate for an alternate take on the classic.

Curb Link I.D. Bracelet - £14.99

Curb Link I.D. Bracelet – £14.99

Solid Curb Link - £24.99

Solid Curb Link – £24.99






Black & Silver - £19.99

Black & Silver – £19.99






Engraveable ID Plate - £14.99

Engraveable ID Plate – £14.99








Black Rubber & Steel

Here at Urban Male, we like to experiment with material combinations to see if we can find the perfect mix between durability, quality and style. One of our favourite material combinations is rubber with stainless steel and below is our collection of hybrid ID Bracelets. We feel as though they are a much more relaxed and casual take on their fully stainless steel counterparts, which is likely to suit a lot lifestyles.

Slim Stainless Steel & Rubber I.D Bracelet - £19.99

Slim Stainless Steel & Rubber I.D Bracelet – £19.99

Rubber & Stainless Steel - £14.99

Rubber & Stainless Steel – £14.99






Rubber Strap - £14.99

Rubber Strap – £14.99






Watch Style ID - £11.99

Watch Style ID – £11.99








Smart Stainless Steel

The widest selection of ID Bracelets are our smart, stainless steel designs. We’ve got everything from wire bangles to bike chain designs that are sure to satisfy your needs. All of these ID Bracelets are designed with quality in mind and will endure day to day wear. However, they really shine when coupled with a smart suit and trouser outfit.

Stainless Steel ID Bracelet - £19.99

Stainless Steel ID Bracelet – £19.99

Steel Wire - £16.99

Steel Wire – £16.99






Polished ID - £14.99

Polished ID – £14.99






Contemporary ID - £19.99

Contemporary ID – £19.99








So don’t forget about these classic pieces of men’s jewellery. Whether you prefer the traditional or modern designs, their true appeal comes from the personal touch given to them through engraving.

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