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Famous for playing unique, and often eccentric characters, Johnny Depp has been considered a sex symbol and style icon for years with a consistent yet evolving personal image. His most notable performances have probably been in Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the blockbuster franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, playing the now world famous Jack Sparrow.  He’s definitely getting on a bit now (51) but you know how it is in Movie star world; secret film star magics can transform adolescents into perfectly formed adults, growing beards and boobs overnight, and when the time comes they can simply halt this ageing process indefinitely until it becomes suspicious and they must age like the rest of us.

Anyway, Johnny Depp, a relentlessly cool guy with a taste for beads and pendants and things. To start with you must get the brown leather cuff bracelet (black if you’d prefer) in which we have several designs available from the more accurate straps to simpler ones; this is nearly always a constant for Depp. He has a multitude of rings too including skulls and faces, sometimes wearing them singularly or together.


brown leather double strap bracelet     beautiful-hollywood-actor-johnny-depp-hd-wallpapers     solid-stainless-steel-large-two-colour-polished-skull-ring-for-men

Now we don’t have exact matches for his accessories, but we’re sure you don’t need to replicate his style to pull off the look. He’s a fan of layered necklaces so we’ve chosen a few that can inspire you in a similar way; simple beads and unusual pendants is key, perhaps with a native american style design.


dark-brown-leather-necklace-adjustable-length-with-lucky-horn-pendant                            johnny-depp-1-300                     mens-necklace-stainless-steel-ball-link-24in-10mm


He also wears a selection of bracelets along with a watch and often a handkerchief wrapped around; the latter being that final step toward a bohemian style. Admittedly it is a tough look to pull off because you run the risk of looking too contrived, so perhaps if you go for this sort of look it would work better if you gradually built it up more naturally and personal to you.


multi-colour-ceramic-elasticated-bead-bracelet-for-men                         Johnny-Depp-Mens-Bracelets-240x300          multi-strand-leather-charm-design-mens-bracelet


So there’s Mr Depp for you, a true icon of the 21st century. Thanks for reading, from the team at Urbanmale.

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