Master the Money Clip!

Often seen as an extravagance or an unnecessary luxury, Money Clips have become something that you might almost be embarrassed to be seen with. This should not be the case!

A lot of men find carrying a wallet a nuisance and nobody really needs to carry all their cards all the time. How often are you going to find yourself in desperate need of your Monkey World loyalty card? Very very rarely. That’s why a money clip could be just the solution a lot of men are looking for. Used only for the cards that you’ll regularly need and any amount of cash you’re happy to carry with you, a money clip can remove the hassle of a wallet and along with it, the unparalleled agony of losing it.

All our money clips are made from high quality stainless steal, meaning they’ll last and retain their quality look and feel for years to come. Also, a simple engraving on one of our money clips will turn an already good gift idea into a great one.

Stainless Steel & Wood

Stainless Steel & Wood Money Clip – £19.99

Plain Money Clip

Plain Money Clip, Ideal for Engraving – £14.99









We are sure that from our wide selection of stylish money clips you’ll find something to make you ditch your wallet for good!

Urban Male Jewellery Team

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