Men’s Heavy Knit!

When Jack Frost begins to nip, you know it’s time to bring out the winter wardrobe and with it, one of our favourite styles of clothing that’s perfect for the cold weather. The Heavy Knitwear! This great winter style looks fantastic in either a casual or smarter ensemble and comes  in such a wide variety of styles you’ll be sure to find one that suits.

THE CARDIGAN – It wasn’t so long ago that cardigans were disregarded as a style for old men and you’d have been hard pushed to find such an item in a wardrobe of somebody below the age of 60. However, as is the way with fashion, they’ve made an almighty come back and become a staple item in the wardrobe of both men and women. Give the chunky, heavy knit cardigan a go. It looks great, you can wear it open or closed and it will keep you very very warm.

THE JACKET– Perhaps instead of the popular cardigan and jumper style knitwear, you could opt for a more structured style, the knitted jacket. Set to be a storm this winter and provides you with a beautiful smart casual look.

Knit Jacket

Knit Jacket, for more structure.

Heavy Knit Cardigan

Heavy Knit Cardigan.










THE JUMPER – A classic look and available in a variety of styles, the jumper will not disappoint in the cold weather. A roll neck is looking to be the most popular this season, which is a bonus as it’ll definitely keep you the warmest.

Roll Neck Knit Jumper

Roll Neck Knit Jumper

Everything comes back into fashion.

Everything comes back into fashion.












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