January Trend Focus – Black Earrings

Black Men's Earrings at Urban Male

Our trend focus for January is Black Earrings. This has been a trend for a while but yet it lives on and we have to say we don’t think you can beat having a simple pair of black earrings in, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a night out, having a ‘Netflix and chill’ evening or at work; this style of earring is perfect for men of all ages to wear.

It doesn’t matter if you have one or both ears pierced, Black Earrings are an ideal fit and you could always try mixing it up a little and having a stud in one ear and a hoop in the other, our Hoop and Stud set is perfect for this, or buy it if you have single pierced ears so you can mix your look up.

8mm Black Men's Stud Earrings
Here you can see Danny wearing our 8mm Black round studs, a simple pair of studs that give a simple, modern look that will go with pretty much any style of fashion you can think of, from bright to monotone, these studs will give the perfect finishing touch to your look. This size of earring is around average, with our most popular sizes selling in 6mm or 8mm.

Made from stainless steel with a black anodised finish, you can trust these earrings not to mark your ears or tarnish, making them ideal to put in your ear and leave them with no worries. You don’t want to go and buy cheap earrings that are going only last a few weeks and possibly mark your ears or the black to fade, do you?!

Now, of course, if a stud earring is not for you, here’s an alternative. They’ve always been popular, but more and more guys are now wearing hoop earrings, often referred to as ‘huggie’ hoop earrings. This is because men’s Hoops are designed to hug the bottom of the ear, rather than dip down too far like women’s hoop earrings will. Often, guys find these earrings more comfortable to wear and they are perfect to leave in you ears as there is no post at the back of the hoop.

These Hoops are one of our most popular pairs, they have a simple polished design with a jet black finish, hinged fitting to make it easy and comfortable and most of all they continue to lead the trend in men’s earrings and indeed men’s jewellery.

Urban Male Men's Black Hoop Earrings
Urban Male Men's Earrings
Now, if you fancy mixing this trend up a little we have thrown this stud earring into the mix. It’s a Fake Plug single earring with a black marble effect finish. You can see it here on Rob, who’s pulling off this look well. Fake plugs fit in to a standard pierced ear but give the illusion of having your ears stretched, which is great if you don’t want to end up with large holes in your ears or want to easily be able to wear studs or hoops again.

The earring still offers the trend and simple styling of a black earring with just a little twist, we think it’s a must have for any guy in 2016 and we are predicting to be a big seller in the coming year.


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