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October is here already but don’t fear as there’s loads of cool films to see, including a trip back to your childhood, Vlad the impalers better known ego, and Daniel Radcliffes latest attempt to foil typecasting, as well as a certain geometric novel adaptation and yet another ww2 outing for Brad Pitt. These are our top films for October.

Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles – Yes, they’re back with a reboot and the shelled, pizza eating warriors look cooler than ever and shredder as menacing as his name. The live action film from director Michael Bay (Transformers) promises to completely dust the attempted franchise renewal in 2007, floating by relatively unnoticed, which was an animated continuation of the first three films. Although the storytelling in Bay’s imagining is probably infant like, the visual scope of this film along with Transformers alumni Megan Fox looks set to propel the turtles into the new age of the shiny blockbuster. Unlike the bout of poorly conceived bile that we’ve been offered over the years in the form of cartoon/live action crossovers (smurfs, garfield, etc), turtles is welcomed outside of this category and should be a great family film for most. It is released here in the uk on September 17th.

Dracula Untold – This film shows true promise as it tells the story of historical legend Vlad The Impaler, where lies the origin of the inspiration behind the Dracula we know today, and also the intended reboot of the universal monsters franchise. Vlad was of course a ruthless leader against the Ottoman empire, given the name ‘impaler’ after his death for…obvious reasons. The film stars Luke Evans as the title character with supporting cast Dominic Cooper, Samantha Barks and Charles Dance layering the film with rich talent. We’re expecting a large scale imagining complete with battle scenes, credible screenplay and (hopefully) responsible use of CGI, unlike 2004’s genre confused Van Helsing. The Count is in cinemas now, so check it out as it’s likey the one to watch this month.

Fury – There always seems to be yet another film based on either of the world wars just around the corner, but screenwriters keep coming up with fresh material to dazzle us with and Fury is no different; set in the final days of WWII it sees Brad Pitt (Wardaddy) lead a group of soldiers inside a sherman tank to strike the heart of Nazi Germany. The film itself looks very character driven with poster campaigns focusing on the 5 main protagonists, but there’s also sure to be some brilliantly realised fighting scenes. It is released in the UK on October 24th.

The Maze Runner – This film begins the three part story of a dystopian future where a boy called Thomas finds himself in a giant maze, remembering nothing of his past or the world he lives in. Teaming up with others to battle their way out of the colossal labyrinth they must face the deadly ‘grievers’ (giant mechanical creatures) and also the truth behind their situation. Based on the book of the same name it is the first part of a planned trilogy, one that will no doubt prove popular for fans of the book as well as newcomers. It does reek heavily of the Hunger Games (which in turn whiffed a little of Battle Royale), but there will always be influences and similarities between films, so we think you should give this one a go. There are no real household names onscreen but you may recognise a few of the faces such as Will Poulter (Son Of Rambo), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones) and Kaya Scodelario (Skins).

Horns – Last but not least is Daniel Radcliffe’s new film and it’s a rather peculiar one. Released October 31st (guess the genre) it is a book adaptation that follows the story of a young man one year on from his girlfriends murder (of which he was a suspect). Strange things happen though, least of all being the rapid growth of goat horns; yes, accompanying his new appendages are powers capable of controlling others and forcing them to confess their darkest sins, which he then uses to expose the killer and presumably lift the burden of her death.


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