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Did anybody catch any films last month? If Christmas was all too much and you didn’t get down to the cinema you can always make up for it this month as there are some really awesome looking movies being released; so many infact, that we’ve included 6 top films to go and see. There’s a good dollop of psychological/thriller themes going on as well as black satirical comedy and a bit of gratuitous violence. Oh, and Johnny Depp. Take a wander through January’s films and find something worth watching.


Taken 3 – January 9th

He’s back! No not Voldemort (or Arny), but Liam Neeson, in the climax to his flagship violence franchise. It’s been a great few years for Neeson (film wise anyway) as he’s enjoyed a propulsion to ‘action hero’ status which he totally kicks ass at. ‘IT ENDS HERE’ is the tagline for the film which undoubtedly suggests the franchise will go out with a phenomenal bang. His ex wife ‘Bold 2 in 1’ is murdered at the start of the film and of course Bryan Mills is framed for it, sparking a very familiar response (set of skills and all that) toward the men responsible; he must fight to protect the only person he has left whilst fighting to clear his name and destroying all the bad guys. This film will definitely be worth watching on the big screen and we’re literally fidgeting in our seats in anticipation of all the bone crunching and threatening phone calls. What next though for Liam? You think there’s room for another Expendable?


Birdman – January 2nd

This may not be your first choice at the cinema but we urge you to go see it. Michael Keaton takes the lead as a washed up movie star, famous for the legendary role of comic book super hero Birdman. In an attempt to revitalize his career by way of a stage play, Riggan Thomson (Keaton) faces many battles in the lead up to opening night, including squabbles with his cast and his alter ego The Birdman himself. It co-stars Emma Stone, Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. Expect black comedy gold from all involved. The last time (we think) he took the lead in a film, he had his arms and legs broken by static ghosts before plummeting to his death, but nevertheless lived happily ever after inside a radio with his (equally) dead wife!?


Mortdecai – January 30th

In what appears to be another film written specifically for Johnny Depp we are introduced to the eccentric character of Charlie Mortdecai, based on The Mortdecai Trilogy from Kyril Bonfiglioli. The broke art dealer is recruited into recovering a stolen painting and ends up embroiled in a criminal plot that aims to use the stolen piece as funding for violent worldwide revolution. The film also stars Ewan McGregor, Gwyneth Paltrow (his wife) and Paul Bettany as his man servant. This looks to be a nice comedy/thriller caper that will offer lots of laughs.


Ex_Machina – January 23rd

This film looks great, and from Alex Garland, the writer of 28 days later, we’d expect nothing less. It looks to have a signature british edge to it, promising tense relationships and plot twists between it’s main characters. A young computer coder wins the opportunity to visit a mountain retreat owned by the reclusive CEO of the company he works for, only to find out he is to participate in an experiment involving advanced Artificial Intelligence. The film stars future Star Wars: The Force Awakens actors Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson alongside Alicia Vikander as said AI. There’s no animatronic teddy in THIS film.


A Most Violent Year – January 23rd

Also starring Oscar Isaac alongside onscreen wife Jessica Chastain, this film sees a married couple try to eke out a living in what, statistically, was New York’s worst years of crime. Struggling to run a business amid the potholes of decay and corruption in the Big Apple they are drawn into this violent world through there attempts to survive it. If crime drama’s are your thing then this film is for you.


Enemy – January 2nd

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in this psychological thriller about a man who discovers he has a doppelganger, developing an obsession with him which leads to a strange series of thought provoking events..including giant spiders. This looks like one of those films where at the end you’re like what? I need to watch that again! Definitely go and see it if you’re a fan of films like Mullholland Drive and Black Swan.

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