New Leather Necklaces Just Arrived In Store!

Just arrived….!

We had to tell you about these great new Leather Necklaces that have arrived at Urban Male today! We know you love our other designs as they have been really popular with customers so we designed some more and they have just arrived.

This black leather adjustable chain features a leather dog tag with a cross pendant, plus only £12.99!

What is so great about Leather then? Well leather has been used for thousands of years from anything from boots to jewellery as it is such a robust and easy to work with material. Leather is ideal for jewellery as it offers a modern look but with durability making it ideal for chains.

We stock lots of jewellery designed for men in leather, so if you have bought one of these stunning necklaces there is bound to be a great looking leather Bracelet in store for you to!

This necklace has to one of our favourites, in comes on an adjustable dark brown leather chain and features a skull & angels wing pendant, perfect for an ‘Urban’ look this season and only £12.99 with FREE UK delivery!

Take a look at our whole range of Leather Necklaces for men…we know you will love them!

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Author: Urban Male

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