October Trend Focus – Bracelets With Watches

Men's Bracelets

Our October Trend Focus – Bracelets with Watches. Often, men who wear bracelets do so on the opposite wrist to the watch, but more frequently in fashion we are seeing the two alongside each other and we have to say we love it.

It’s the perfect way to accessorise; not only will it sharpen your look, but it will bring some feature to your watch by simply having one or two bracelets to compliment it. You can see in the image above how these two black bracelets (our Lava Rock Bracelet and Plaited Black Leather Bracelet) placed next to this watch sets off the black dial really well, when worn with this shirt you get a smart casual look perfect for nights out.

We would only recommend wearing one, two or three bracelets alongside a watch, anymore and you risk looking too bling rather than on-trend. We also recommend thinking about what these bracelets are made from, you don’t want to wear anything too loose or too hard-wearing next to your watch as this has the potential to scratch or damage it (God forbid you scuff the special gift your parents got you for your 21st). Materials such as leather or our bead bracelets are perfect with a metal watch. Alternatively, if you have a leather strap watch, then you could try some stainless steel bracelets to give a contrast to the plain leather, or, of course, you could wear matching coloured leather to the strap.

Copper On Trend Men's Bracelets

In this look, we have chosen a couple of our popular copper finish bracelets, our Copper ID Bracelet and Copper Plaited Leather Bracelet. Both of these are a sharp contrast to the bracelets previously mentioned, but matched here with a denim shirt you get a great look perfect for a casual day out with your mates or an evening in a bar. The sharp contrast in colours will ensure they stand out on your wrist making people notice them more. Here at Urban Male, we are loving metallic finish jewellery at the moment, it’s going to be our Trend Focus in November so watch this space!

Try to structure your wrist wear appropriately, we recommend looser bracelets sit in front of the watch; tighter fitting bracelets work best behind.

Casual Leather & Bead Bracelets For Men

If your watch preference is simpler and slightly less in-your-face (see above), all you’ve got to do is accessorise with similar colours and casual styles. The watch will be less of a statement and almost blends with the bracelets to look a lot more relaxed and comfortable. To add a splash of colour, we’ve placed bright coloured bracelets on the other wrist making this perfect for the summer. If you’re the lucky one on a holiday somewhere warm and less like the UK, then this is ideal!

Lastly, we have smart. For some this is a daily requirement, for others it’s more of a special occasion type of thing. No matter what the circumstance, it’s just as important to individualise your look with accessories! As shown in the picture, we’ve placed some plainly coloured, simple plaited bracelets next to the watch to complete the outfit. The neutral colours sit great next to the watch and because they’re made from leather they offer an alternative look and contrast to the steel. The great thing about these plaited bracelets is their versatility; here with this suit they look smart, yet worn alongside a t-shirt or jumper they will look casual. We only want you to look your best, and you get multiple styles without having to buy more!

Smart Bracelets For Men

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