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The jaw ripping show The Walking Dead returns this month for it’s fifth season, and we’ve never been more excited. If you’re up to date with the popular zombie soap opera then you’ll know that season 4 ended with a cliffhanger; it wasn’t an overly thrilling last few episodes, but the tension did ooze from the television screen and the lasting impression we got was that s**t is gonna go down this new season.

SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t watched season 4 then you may not want to read on. Season 5 picks up shortly after the events of the previous season which sees Rick and Co held captive at terminus. We’re suspecting a sinister agenda from the ‘safe haven’ and it’s maniacal looking leader Gareth, so presumably they are the main antagonists of the season, although parallel character plots do promise other baddies from the look of the trailer. Also, (apart from escaping a train compartment) Rick, along with Abraham Ford and Dr. Eugene Porter have the goal of reaching Washington D.C. to possibly find a cure for the pandemic that has swept the globe and turned it’s population into a walking horror show. We’ll also find out the status of other main characters like Carol and Tyreese, and more promisingly the fate of Beth, as her disappearance was shrouded in mystery and was probably the biggest understated cliffhanger of the show (we know she’s still alive because she’s featured in the trailer).

Expect continued relentless assaults on main characters, inventive storytelling, and at least one spectacular ‘character’ zombie providing action figure bait for the toy line. The Walking Dead season 5 premieres Monday October 13th on FOX at 9pm. It’s gonna be sick…literally.



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