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We’ve taken a different approach to this month’s ‘things to do guide’ because we wanted to tie it nicely into Christmas. The festive season can often stress you out, make you fat, make you skint and before you know it it’s all over and all you remember is the agony of shopping! So, we’re not focusing on any particular places to go, but more the sort of things that can make a Christmas memorable and special. In years to come are you going to remember the Christmas where you shopped your socks off and just collapsed in a heap, or the year when you went ice skating followed by a cosy evening in the pub?


Food – It really is the little things sometimes that can put you in the festive mood like having a turkey feast sandwich for lunch, feeding a raisin to a pigeon, or taking a couple of boxes of mince pies to work (or just eating them all to yourself!?). The key to a great Christmas is getting that bloody Christmas spirit! It can be the most eluding of all things as you get older but we think the best place to start is with your stomach. “ there is no love sincerer than the love of food “. We don’t know who said that but it makes sense to us. Home baking is truly synonymous with this time of year and if you’re lucky enough to live with somebody that bakes then that’s a bonus! But why not try it yourself; decent recipes are so easy to come by and (usually) easy to follow and you may be surprised at what you can achieve. Also, you can give your home made treats to friends and family as gifts. You’ll remember it fondly; the cookies, the gingerbread, A&E.


Ice Skating – This is a must for all people. There must be an ice rink near you somewhere so text your friends and organize a fun filled half hour that you’ll remember. Oh the nervous hilarity as you all gingerly move onto the ice, the guffaws from your friends as you collide with a stranger, and the guilty titters as you bowl over a child.



Drinking Establishments – There’s no denying it. Everybody likes a good piss up at Christmas time and the atmosphere is pure golden as you sit down with a nice pint at your local pub. Keep warm next to an open fire or simply from the body heat of a crowded room as you catch up with friends and explore the meaning of the words ‘jolly’ and ‘merry’. Alternatively you can find a cosy little coffee shop to fill those afternoons with hot chocolate, flavoured latte’s and sweet treats.


Party Time – Don’t want to venture outside? Throw a party! This time of year you likely have lots of people to see so why not invite family and/or friends over for dinner? You can show off your culinary skills and the cookies you baked earlier will be perfect. You don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself though. Perhaps you can just invite people over for drinks, play cards and board games and order take out. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have the cash to spend in town.


Film & TV – Maybe this is the year that you decide to watch some festive telly. Aside from the obvious Christmas day specials like Doctor Who, Eastenders and Miranda, there are loads of festive programmes running up to Christmas that will spark your festive spirit. You’ll have all the old films playing on tv, although these can be too much for some people, so perhaps just stick to such modern classics like Elf, Bad Santa, The Nightmare Before Christmas etc. A night in to replace a night out is not to be scoffed at; it’s often the humblest of traditions and the most heart warming, because at the end of the day, what’s better than watching Billy Bob Thornton get drunk whilst spending time with the people that you love.


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