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Now if there’s nothing in particular that she wants, shopping for a loved one can sometimes be difficult. Who better to know what to buy than yourself right? It’s not always that simple though unfortunately. We’ve thought long and hard about this and instead of finding the most fantabulously expensive gifts we’ve decided to go with the basics. Text book presents don’t have to be boring and thoughtless though as a few personal tweaks can go a long way.


Chocolate – Chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, some people don’t or can’t…but in theory it’s always a winner. Basic, yes but you can make it so much more special. We’re not talking your average box of Maltesers or Guylian Sea Shells here, but far fancier stuff. You have the high end choices such as Fortnum & Mason, Hotel Chocolat where you can find a sumptuous array of products from gift selections to dipping sets and flavoured alcohol, and Marks & Spencer provide some rather ornate choices (if a little pretentious). Chocolate is perhaps best suited to new relationships, aunts and grandmothers or as stocking fillers to accompany the ‘main’ present. We think the best choice is to find a chocolatier counter and pick your own selection for a more personal touch; choices include Leonidas, Paul A Young plus many more, providing beautifully presented luxury chocolates to make her mouth water. Or you could just go for the novelty approach and buy her a chocolate pizza. Don’t underestimate the power of cocoa.


Personalised Gifts – This is a great one because it shows you haven’t simply gone out last minute and grabbed the first thing you saw. There is such a variety of ‘OK’ presents that can be made truly wonderful with a simple engraving. If you shop around online you’ll likely stumble across plenty of these little gems as they can be found everywhere. A personalised glass can go a long way, especially if it’s accompanied with a bottle of champagne or Baileys…mmmm chocolate Baileys. Or even some magic beans with your own message to which she’ll say “you’re kidding right? Magic beans?” but you know she’ll absolutely love them when they sprout…a definite stocking filler only maybe. Another thing we found was just so impossibly romantic and thoughtful that you’re sure to get a power up or something; her favourite song lyrics…in a frame!


Jewellery – This is an obvious choice as what woman doesn’t love jewellery? We found an amazingly unique website called Eclectic Eccentricity which offers very affordable quality products. Their whole range has quite a bizarre feel to it, with vintage themes running throughout. If you’re buying for a quirky lass that isn’t necessarily into price tags and all that flashy “oh it’s diamonds” malarky then this could be the right place for you. They draw inspiration from various creative sources such as space, dinosaurs, insects and vintage styles to bring their customers a collection of magical jewellery like no other.


Perfume – The gift of perfume is perhaps an uninspired gift but it’s perfect all the same. Everybody knows the top brands can cost a fortune and the mere presentation and thought of getting a brand new bottle of perfume is one that rarely fails to excite. It will sit pride of place on the dresser or on display in the bathroom to be used every day. Every woman loves to feel special and sexy and a top of the range perfume will do the trick; yes, we did say top of the range. One gift we think you shouldn’t scrimp on is perfume/aftershave so don’t be tight, go for the bigger bottle! Well, at least not the smallest one. She’ll love it.


Lingerie – This is a gift that benefits you both. Upon opening the (presumably) fancy ribboned box she will have an expression of sheer delight as not only is it a gift that will make her feel sexy and loved, the implications behind it will likely send her brain into a giddy flurry. Depending on what sort of lingerie you choose, you may or may not suggest she open it away from prying eyes…unless you get a little amusement out of it of course! You can get some pretty nice sets for reasonable prices, but of course with most things you can also spend a fortune to get the right thing. We found a few good sites like Figleaves and Ultimo but there are loads of high street retailers you can get your lingerie from which offer great designs at affordable prices like top department stores Debenhams, John Lewis and even Marks & Spencer ( modelled by the lovely Rosie Huntington-Whitely).


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The team at Urban Male Jewellery.

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