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It’s just been announced that Reggie Yates will be stepping down from presenting the BBC’s The Voice along with Holly Willoughby. A real shame, because not only is he a fun host, he is also an incredibly stylish guy.

From children’s television all the way to respected Radio 1 DJ, the new fresh face of Burton Menswear and a regular front row at fashion catwalks, it’s fair to say that Mr Yates has come a long way. His mixture of well tailored suits and relaxed t-shirts and jeans have helped to build his name in the fashion world.

A key aspect to his style is his ability to Accessorise each outfit with something that will turn heads. So that even the simplest of t-shirts can look well thought through and stylish. For example, he wears a simple men’s Earring in his left ear as a way to dress both up and down, depending on the occasion. He tends to opt for a large men’s Black Stud Earring, however, has been known to wear other colours or even a Diamond Stud.

Black Stud Earring with Smart White Shirt.

Black Stud Earring with Smart White Shirt.

Black Stud with Jumper

Black Stud with Jumper

















We’ve got plenty of different men’s Black Stud Earrings available. Even though you might think they’re all the same, they most certainly are not.

Black Stud Earring - £7.99

Black Stud Earring – £7.99

Black Fake Plug Ear Stretcher - £5.99

Black Fake Plug Ear Stretcher – £5.99













We love the way Reggie can make Black Stud Earrings smart and casual. He’s a real fashion icon that a lot of men could learn a thing or two from.

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