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Black Stainless Steel Round Stud Earrings for Men

Stainless Steel 6mm Black Studs

This time we’ve got something that we already know you love, because they are our single best selling product of all time! We have new sizes and we just thought you might need a bit of reminding about these brilliant studs.

They have been selling like hotcakes since we very first launched the Urban Male brand back in 2006. It’s no wonder, really: they are simple and refined. For only £8.99, can you really go wrong?

They’ll go with anything, whether that is a casual t-shirt and jeans on a lazy weekend, or if you’re off to a Black Tie event you can even get away with them there! They are classy, discreet studs meaning you can wear them all day, every day without worrying about what they’ll match with.

Simple black studs are absolutely On Trend this season, then again when have they ever not been? Take a look at One Direction, seemingly marmite at the moment. Love them or hate them, their fashion directly reflects that of what is ‘In’ right now, and we’ve spotted Zayn Malik wearing black studs plenty of times now!

So it’s official then! If you want to get On Trend this season, you need to get some of our earrings. Our original 6mm earrings (pictured above) are now available in 6, 8 10mm sizes. Take a look at the Urban Male website to browse all our jewellery, or if you only want to see our earrings then try Urban Male Earrings and we’ll take you straight there. We know you’ll find something to suit you!

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Zayn, if you ever spot this blog, get in touch with us through the website and we can send you and all the lads some of our jewellery to wear!

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