Size does matter – Which chain is right for you?!

Whether a chain is worn alone, or combined with a pendant, it is a fantastic way to make a statement about who you are. Its availability in many different styles, colours and lengths, means that there is a chain to suit all occasions. From a day to day personal piece, to something that only comes out on special occasions.

There is an added appeal to a quality chain, in that they can be personalised with any pendant of your choice. This greatly enhances your style possibilities, with pendants ranging from Crosses to Bullets all available,  it really is up to you.

With so many different styles available and in such a wide variety of lengths, it’s often hard to decide which one is right for you. So below we’ve run through some of the options available to you in order to help your decision


Curb Link Chain

The Curb Link is the most classic and widely worn chain design around, with its smart, uncomplicated features, giving it an unbeatable quality feel. Our huge range of Curb Link Chains is a testament to their popularity, with lengths available from 18-35 inches and widths from 2mm to a very chunky 13mm. So whether, you’re looking for a long thin chain to hang a pendant from, or a thicker statement chain to wear alone, the stainless steel curb link is for you.

Black Curb Link - £16.99

Black Curb Link 22in/3mm – £16.99

Anodised Blue 9mm - £29.99

Anodised Blue 9mm – £29.99

Stainless Steel 18in/6mm - £6.99

Stainless Steel 18in/6mm – £6.99










Cord Chain

Our Cord Chains are here to offer something a little different to the classic metal chains that we’re accustomed to. Providing a lighter more relaxed feel, these cord chains could be just what you need. Predominantly designed in a flat black colour, they’re made to be understated, making them ideal for highlighting a favourite or special pendant. However, there are a few plaited designs which combine either white or gold to produce a neck piece that can work alone.

Black & Gold 24in/3mm - £6.99

Black & Gold 24in/3mm – £6.99

Plain Black 24in/2mm - £5.99

Plain Black 24in/2mm – £5.99

Black & White 24in/4mm - £8.99

Black & White 24in/4mm – £8.99










Military & Ball Link Chain

This ball link style of chain encompasses our largest range of chains onsite and due to their sturdy and hard wearing nature, they make a fantastic day to day neck piece. They are often seen coupled with dog tags (hence the military link) and to be honest, this is where they’re at their best, a classic men’s style that only gets better with time.

Black Ball Link 22in/2mm - £10.99

Black Ball Link 22in/2mm – £10.99

Military Link 20in/2mm -  £6.99

Military Link 20in/2mm – £6.99

Military & Ball 22in/3mm - £7.99

Military & Ball 22in/3mm – £7.99










Other Chains

The aforementioned chains cover most bases, however, here at Urban Male, we like to give you as many options as possible. So we’ve got a few other chains that you might find more appropriate for your needs and wants. Belcher Links, Oval Links and many other contemporary designs mean that finding something that you’re comfortable wearing and suits you is no problem.

Black & Silver Contemporary Chain 22in - £39.99

Contemporary Chain 22in – £39.99

Twisted Rope 24in/4mm - £13.99

Twisted Rope 24in/4mm – £13.99

Two Colour Square Belcher 22in - £39.99

Two Colour Square Belcher 22in – £39.99


Their huge , often unknown variety is one of the reasons the chain is such an impressive piece of jewellery. Much more than first meets the eye.

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