Skulls are IN!

We absolutely love Skulls here at Urban Male Jewellery and have got a vast selection in stock for you to choose from. We’ve got Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets, all in varying styles so you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to your taste.

Also, it looks like Ralph Lauren have jumped on our bandwagon too, with their hot new skull Cufflinks causing quite a storm this season. Something pretty surprising, especially coming from their usually so conservative designers. If you’ve got a cool $9,995 to part with, then we thoroughly recommend you buy their white gold cufflinks with Diamonds. However, if like us you’re usually shopping on a slightly smaller budget, take a look at some of the skull themed jewellery we have in stock.

Men's Single Stud Earring

Try our single stud earring for just £5.99

Skull Bullet Pendant & Chain

Skull Bullet Pendant & Chain – £12.99








Only $9,995, why not get a few pairs...

RALPH LAUREN – Only $9,995, why not get a few pairs…










There’s no need to pay Ralph Lauren prices for your skull jewellery, just check out our site and we’re sure you’ll find something.

Urban Male Jewellery Team

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Author: Urban Male

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