Socks to Make a Statement!

The temperature is dropping and the daylight hours are beginning to dwindle. There can be no more going sockless in your deck shoes just letting the summer sun keep your feet warm. Now is the time to give your lower extremities all the attention they need and keep your feet snug and stylish by Accessorising ingeniously with socks this season.

Who says your sock drawer should solely (pardon the pun) contain plain, unimaginative and down right boring colours. Instead we think you should fill it with stripes and polka dots, edge it with cotton and cashmere, then garnish it with the occasional Argyle pattern.

Cool Woolly Red Socks

Woolly red socks will look great at Christmas.

Stripey Socks

Use some stripes to alter your Urban Style.









So don’t be shy when choosing your socks this winter; pick something bold and comfortable to spruce up your normal winter image.

Urban Male Jewellery Team

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