Summer Blockbuster Guide 2015


We’ve been treated to some Huge Blockbusters already this year with the likes of Divergent, Cinderella and Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but…there has been an awakening…have you felt it? With sequels and prequels abound, including (but not limited to) desert dwelling maniacs, man eating reptiles, flying boys, and rambling yellow blobs, this year is set to go down in cinema history. Are you ready?



We’ve got a British film for you here which was a very pleasant surprise indeed; the hugely popular MI-5 drama ‘Spooks’ has it’s cinematic debut with new cast member Kit Harington taking the lead role (most of you may know him as Jon Snuuur) alongside Peter Firth who reprises his role of Harry Pierce. Catch Spooks: The Greater Good on May 8th.

Ready to inspire a new generation of punky/desert nomad cos-players, Max Rockatansky returns to our screens in Mad Max: Fury Road. This film looks full of fantastic action sequences with a visually pleasing look that is VERY Mad Max. Above all it looks fun, which is what a lot of films seem to lack these days; it’s all about THE END OF THE WORLD/Moody faces gonna KILL YOU/I’m such a GRITTY film/DARKER than the original/WAR/Christopher NOLAN. The Avenger’s movies however seem to have had a huge impact on the tone of fantasy based action movies. Max is back on the 15th.

Disney are onto a good thing by turning their park attractions into blockbuster movies (Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion) and the next to be imagined on the big screen is Tomorrowland, based on the futuristic themed land of the same name found at Disney theme parks. Inspired by the science fiction works of Jules Verne and starring George Clooney, the films premise has a young girl (along with George) transported into a wildly imaginative future where their actions directly affect the world around them as well as themselves. This will be a very popular choice for all ages as who can resist a good, fun family film with great action sequences. Prepare to be transported on 22nd.

The timing of this next release may hit home for a lot of people as San Andreas takes centre stage in this latest disaster movie in which an earthquake of gargantuan scale hits California. Starring Dwayne Johnson as a helicopter pilot, the scale, tone and special effects look and feel absolutely stunning, making this a must see on the big screen. The Golden Gate Bridge gets it AGAIN on 29th.



Jurassic World has not had an easy time getting off the ground, but after much deliberation it’s finally made it to our cinema screens. Originally, it was said this next installment would not go back to the  jungle, and then there were rumours such as Keira Knightley, and human/dino hybrids. VelociKeira? Inevitably though (and thankfully) the location for the film is definitely the jungle and there will be none of that gene splicing malarky…well, maybe a little; the main plot point/antagonist is a genetically modified hybrid that killed and ate it’s own sibling. Lovely. We’re pretty excited about this one, especially after the dire third film. The park is open June 12.

Whether you love them or can’t stand the sight of them, the Minions are back in their very own spin off movie, with new voice talents including Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill, with John Hamm and Steve Coogan. Brace yourselves, as every child will be developing stage 3 Minion Fever this summer. Symptoms include: speaking gibberish, yellowing skin, and excessive consumption of bananas. Expect the fever to hit June 26th.



We start the month with Terminator: Genisys, which we’re super hoping is the beginning of the end for the franchise. Now don’t get us wrong; we don’t want it to end (yet), but if these re-cast sequels keep popping up with little regard for their predecessors then surely we’re just going to end up with a bunch of sporadic half brothers and sisters!? If we were to describe the Terminator franchise as a food dish then it would almost certainly be a mixed grill; it doesn’t really look right all together like that but you still enjoy eating it anyway! So yeah, we love the films, but we’re sort of hoping this will be the appetizer in a 3 course meal if you know what we mean. The plot does seem to have taken tips from the Star Trek reboot, with an alternate timeline being a prominent plot point (say that real fast without saying plop, plop, plop), so hopefully there’s an intricate plan in place to send Arnie and Sarah Connor off with a bang. After all, how many times can he come back?

With the success of Ted, a sequel was inevitable really. Created and voiced by Seth MacFarlane, Ted has married girlfriend Tami-Lynn and they’re now trying for a baby through artificial insemination BUT he can only have custody of the child by proving in a court of law that he is human. The foul mouthed sequel Ted 2 disgraces us with it’s presence on the Tedth (sorry) of July.

As part of the ever expanding Marvel cinematic universe Ant Man makes it’s big screen debut with Paul Rudd as the title hero. This is an odd one as how exciting can an ant sized hero be compared to the likes of Iron Man or Captain America!? Paul Rudd has made a name for himself as a bit of a funny man, so we’re thinking the film will play heavily on humour, perhaps feeling similar to the tone of Guardians Of The Galaxy, with a good amount of exciting and inventive action sequences. Watch your step as it’s out on 17th.

The boy who never grew up is back for more swashbuckling adventure in the origin movie simply titled Pan. The last film was totally enchanting and breathed new life into J.M Barrie’s classic so we’re hoping this new offering will do the character justice. Featuring a young and not yet corrupted Captain Hook with a brand new villain Black Beard (Hugh Jackman), this is Peter Pan like you’ve never seen before. Forgiving the cash cow cliche tagline every legend has a beginning this will surely be a fantastic film for the whole family. Set sail for Neverland on 17th.

The fuse is still burning as Tom Cruise returns to his role of Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. A deadly organisation known as ‘The Syndicate’ threatens the existence of the Impossible Mission Force (IMF) so the team must once again assemble to take on their most dangerous (and impossible) mission yet. While we at Urban Male appreciate all genres of film, it is the action filled blockbusters that really come to life on the big screen…so yeah, this is gonna be AWESOME. The mission (should you choose to accept it) will start July 30th.



Another reboot! This time it’s The Fantastic Four franchise that’s given over to a fresh (faced) cast. The film is based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic series which differs from the previous story. A young team of scientists are teleported to an alternate universe which alters them physically, giving them their signature powers. With the phenomenal success of the Avengers movies, as well as The Dark Knight trilogy, it kinda presents a necessity for the older comic book movies to fall in line with the higher production values of late. They face off with Dr Doom on 6th.

Perhaps the most bizarre movie of the year is the sci-fi/action comedy Pixels starring Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan plus an array of other familiar faces. In 1982 NASA launched a time capsule into space as an attempt at peaceful communication with extra terrestrial life, including video feeds of retro games such as Pac Man, Tetris and Donkey Kong. Many years later (misinterpreting this as an act of war) an alien assault is launched against earth with the alien craft modeled around our iconic video game characters. Naturally the most qualified person to combat this threat is former video game champion Sam Brenner (sandler) who assembles a small team of fellow gamers to save the earth. Get your game on August 14th.


Thanks for reading and hope you catch some of these awesome films.


The team at Urban Male.

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