The X Factor’s Luke Friend

This year’s X Factor is well underway and we’ve developed a new favourite, Luke Friend.

Last year’s James Arthur has gone onto great success and we were very open about how much we loved his style and use of men’s jewellery in each outfit. However, Luke could possibly be an even better example of how to style numerous men’s jewellery pieces at once.

He isn’t shy about loading up his wrists and neck with a few pieces and has a strong love for Beads. Beaded Jewellery is something that a lot of men struggle to wear stylishly or without looking childish. However, Luke, with his quirky and original style shows us just how to work the stacked Beaded Bracelets and surf style Beaded Necklace.

On top of this, Luke also opts for a simple Hoop Earring, instead of the more popular Stud Earring found on most men. As well as a chunky statement men’s Ring His choice of men’s jewellery really does make his individual style stand out all the more.

Surf Bead Necklace

Surf Bead Necklace

Set of 3 Surf Bead Necklaces

Set of 3 Surf Bead Necklaces – £5.99















Stacked Bracelets

Stacked Bracelets

Bead Bracelet Set - £5.99

Bead Bracelet Set – £5.99













Single Hoop Earring - £5.99

Single Hoop Earring – £5.99
















Maybe it’s time you gave those beads another chance. There is something about them stacked up on a wrist that looks great.

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