Tie Slides tastefully finish off your outfit!

Nothing looks smarter or more professional than a fresh, well fitted suit, shirt and tie. However, accessorising poorly can turn your dapper look into something clumsy and overcrowded putting all your effort to waste.

The tie slide is often over shadowed by the more common accessories such as Cufflinks or pocket squares. This does not mean, however, they should be forgotten about all together. A well chosen tie slide can provide your outfit with a unique finishing touch, whilst also handily keeping your tie in place.

We have a beautiful range of tie slides here at Urban Male, that we’ve kept simple, sleek and stylish, just as they should be. All made from a high grade, scratch resistant stainless steel, our Tie Slides are sure to keep your smart clothes, SMART!

Contemporary Design - £24.99

Contemporary Design – £24.99

CZ Set - £24.99

CZ Set – £24.99

Two Colour - £29.99

Two Colour – £29.99










Simple Tie Slide Clip - £10.99

Simple Tie Slide Clip – £10.99

Dimpled Tie Slide Clip - £10.99

Dimpled Tie Slide Clip – £10.99

Polished Curved Tie Slide - £19.99

Polished Curved Tie Slide – £19.99









So if you haven’t already, then now is the time to treat yourself to this great little accessory. It really is a great  way to finish off your smart outfits.

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