Top 10 Urban Male Must Haves For September

Autumn is manifesting like a bad smell and the ever changing world of fashion is already pushing upon us the fall looks of 2014, but what are you going to wear around your wrist? Or on your fingers? Aha, glad you asked because we’ve gathered together our top 10 Urban Male pieces for September to keep you looking sharp and sexy, and apparently it’s all orange and black this season; simple black and white apparel with that little hint of orange. All of the jewellery we stock is pretty versatile so whatever look you go for, we have something for you; don’t let the grey stigma of September pull you down. Is it just us or does anybody else seem to have a phobia of this month (probably stemming from the thought of going back to school? ).Read on people, read on.

orange stainless steel fake expandersblack and white stainless steel fake expanders

Yes, so orange is the new/re-established friend of black…or vice versa. The stainless steel fake expander earrings above are pretty cool and are a cheap way of adding some colour/style to your outfit. You can pick these up for £4.99 and if you don’t fancy those styles, we have different ones available. Don’t be shy, check em out.



rainbow cord leather braceletplaited braceletblack leather  bracelet


Bracelets again, but you’ve got to admit the deep vibrance of the orange on the plaited design looks pretty special right? The multi coloured cord bracelet offers a great combination of colour to brighten you up and let’s not forget the importance of a simple leather bracelet for a subtle yet stylish accessory. Wear these as a modest splash of colour and style to match your new orange earrings perhaps. You can purchase these for £5.99, £4.99 and £9.99 respectively.


surfer style bracelet setblack stainless steel earringsblack mesh ring


The bracelet set is simple with a suggestion of pastel colours, easily worn with a plain T of the same pallet. The other two are also good examples of versatility, drawing their appeal from their simplicity. We have a great range of studs and rings similar to these so feel free to check them out if you like what you see. The surfer style leather and bead set is £5.99, stainless steel earrings £9.99, and black mesh ring just £8.99.


leather cross with steel wingblack and silver dog tag

The cross pendants; black and silver designs for a modern look. Necklaces and Pendants are a tricky one to get right, as they’re the one piece of jewellery that people are sure to notice. We love the distressed steel wing on black leather cross in particular and dog tags remain popular still, so complete your September look with one of these beauties. £8.99 for the cross and £13.99 for the dog tag.

Well that’s our top 10; thanks for reading, and we hope we’ve given you some ideas.

The Urbanmale team.

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