Top 5 Aftershaves For Autumn

Every man needs a good aftershave. Even men who don’t shave need a good aftershave. You get the idea. We’ve gone into the stores and got a handful of testers to pass round the office and these are the ones we chose. Of course we had to spray ourselves too. All are a bit pricy (to be expected though) but wow, there’s nothing like that new bottle of aftershave to make you feel like a god. Christmas is coming up too, so if not for yourself then a good bottle of ‘smelly’ always makes for an appreciated gift.


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We would go into the ‘heart’ and ‘bass’ notes of these fragrances but the best way to shop for a new smell is really just to smell it. Ok, woody and spicy!? A beautifully eclectic selection of aftershaves which is nothing short of intoxicating!? No kidding, they’re all really awesome. Something worth noting is that this is Jimmy Choo’s first foray into the male scent..from shoes to woody spices. We hope you found this useful if you were planning on purchasing a new odour.

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Author: Urban Male

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