Top 5 Essential Party Pieces

Aah, the sophisticated social engagements one must attend during the festive season! But how to accessorize? We’ve come up with our 5 must have jewellery pieces for Christmas parties and nights out this month; nothing too fancy or garishly festive, just colours and styles that can be suggestive. Surprise rhymage! This is the kind of stuff that can be worn with almost any outfit to just give yourself that little ‘pop’ of colour. Red and green items don’t necessarily look festive on their own but as soon as Christmas turns up you’ll automatically look to be in the festive spirit. Wear with a Snowman jumper to really look the part.

Red CZ Earrings, £6.99



Leather Cord Bracelet, £4.99



Green Resin Stainless Steel Studs, £5.99



Stainless Steel & Resin Handcuff Bracelet, £39.99



Plaited Leather Magnetic Bracelet, £12.99




And just because they’re cool…

Stainless Steel Kiss Design Studs, £5.99




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Author: Urban Male

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