Top 5 Men’s Leather Bracelets for 2014

Oh Leather Bracelet, how we love you. Versatile, stylish & hard wearing, they are everything you want from a piece of men’s jewellery. If you haven’t made the leap to wearing jewellery yet, then this is where you should start. A simple, minimalistic design will fit perfectly with almost all of your outfits. All the bracelets below are made from either black or brown leather. We do stock other colours of leather, however, as far as an all round piece of jewellery, it’s usually best to stick to brown or black.

What is so great about our leather bracelets is that they really can be styled with any outfit. A clean, fresh leather bracelet finishes off a smart outfit perfectly, especially coupled with a beautiful watch. However, if you’re going for a more casual look, then anything from our wrap, through to our plaited bracelets will give you just what you’re after. What’s more, they only improve with wear.

1) Brown Leather Multi Strand Bracelet – £5.99

This multi-strand leather bracelet does everything a leather bracelet should. Simple in colour and style, meaning it could be both worn day to day on a casual basis, or with a smarter suit for something more special. Its 5 strand design provides a little more interest that just a single stranded bracelet, whilst still remaining uncomplicated.

Brown Leather Multi Strand Bracelet - £5.99

Brown Leather Multi Strand Bracelet – £5.99

Men’s Brown Leather Multi Strand Bracelet (£5.99)


2) Leather Plaited Bracelet – £6.99

The plait is a popular design of bracelet, which usually makes the most of a smaller, finer plait. This bracelet however, uses a much thicker chunkier double colour plait. We thinks it’s very effective and makes it the perfect, hard wearing day to day bracelet.

Leather Plait Bracelet - £6.99

Leather Plaited Bracelet – £6.99

Brown & Black Leather Plaited Surfer Style Wristband For A Man (£6.99)


3) Leather, Cord & Stainless Steel Bracelet – £9.99

This is one of our classic designs that we’ve stocked since the very beginning. Just going to show how timeless these leather bracelets are. If you want something for those smart outfits then this is the piece for you. The cord and leather work side by side seamlessly, with the stainless steel clasp and feature perfectly pulling the whole piece together.

Leather, Cord  & Stainless Steel Bracelet - £9.99

Leather, Cord & Stainless Steel Bracelet – £9.99

Brown Leather & Cord Surf Bracelet For Men (£9.99)


4) Double Plait Leather Bracelet – £6.99

This plaited bracelet showcases how a finer plait design can work. The black and brown aspects give the bracelet more interest, whilst not over complicating. This is a real nice casual piece that’s perfect for the t-shirt and jeans look. Our high quality leather as always!

Double Plait Leather Bracelet - £6.99

Double Plait Leather Bracelet – £6.99

Men’s Black & Brown Leather Plaited Style Double Bracelet (£6.99)


5) Triple Leather Bracelet – £6.99

Our final bracelet of choice is this thick triple brown leather strand bracelet. Just like any quality piece it’s simplistic, with a natural quality feel. The wider leather straps give the bracelet a more solid appearance, without seeming too chunky or over the top.

Triple Leather Bracelet - £6.99

Triple Leather Bracelet – £6.99

Brown Leather Multi Strand Men’s Wristband Bracelet (£6.99)


There you have it, a leather bracelet, in our opinion, is the most important and easily styled piece of men’s jewellery available. So if you haven’t already, then you should definitely think about giving one a go.

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