Top 5 Men’s Leather Necklaces for 2014

As a real supporter of leather men’s jewellery, we thought it appropriate to give you the run down on our Top 5 Leather Necklaces. These necklaces are perfect for your day to day wear and go a long way in complimenting all types of outfit, from vests to shirts.

Necklaces are not so widely seen within men’s fashion in comparison to bracelets and earrings which have taken a real hold. However, that doesn’t mean we neglect these fantastic accessories. In fact, in order to try and promote them as a great piece of jewellery, we have collected together a huge range of Neckwear, which includes almost 100 leather necklaces alone.

What’s so great about these leather necklaces is that you can find something much more personal to your own style and taste. The brown or black piece of leather is quite standard across the board, however, with such a wide, unique range of pendants attached, you can find something to make you stand out.

1) Feather Leather Necklace – £12.99

Our absolute favourite in the leather necklace collection is this feather design. Unique, uncomplicated, but with enough going on to make it a piece of interest. What better accessory for festival season?

Feather Leather Necklace - £12.99

Feather Leather Necklace – £12.99


Men’s Black Leather Feather Necklace Adjustable Length (£12.99)


2) Angel’s Wing Leather Necklace –  £12.99

An old faithful and still as popular as ever. This detailed Angel’s Wing Necklace hangs with an elegance that only an angel wing could. Again, perfect for the summery outfits, however, the darker tones involved make it just as wearable with autumnal and winter clothes.

Angel's Wing Leather Necklace - £12.99

Angel’s Wing Leather Necklace – £12.99

Men’s Dark Brown Leather Angel’s Wing Necklace Adjustable Length (£12.99)


3) Gold Bullet Leather Necklace – £12.99

This bullet necklace is a very strong piece, with solid lines and a clean finish. The golden colouring of the bullet works perfectly with the black leather to complete this necklace’s appeal. This has quickly become a favourite of ours and we know it’s here to stay.

Gold Bullet Leather Necklace - £12.99

Gold Bullet Leather Necklace – £12.99

Men’s Gold Bullet Pendant & Leather Chain Necklace (£12.99)


4) Peace Symbol Leather Necklace – £12.99

Brand new and ready to rock the festival season, this Peace Symbol Leather Necklace is the casual accessory of dreams. We’re dreaming of peace and you should be too and with stuff like this, we’re one step closer, perhaps.

Peace Symbol Leather Necklace - £12.99

Peace Symbol Leather Necklace – £12.99

Men’s Brown Leather Peace Symbol Necklace Adjustable Length (£12.99)


5) Dog Tag & Feather Leather Necklace – £8.99

Here we have an Urban Male take on a classic dog tag necklace. Instead of the usual silver or stainless steel material for the tag, we’ve used a leather alternative to provide it with a more casual feel. Accompanying it are some more feathers, because we love feathers.

Dog Tag & Feather Leather Necklace - £8.99

Dog Tag & Feather Leather Necklace – £8.99

Men’s Black Leather Feather Dog Tag Necklace Adjustable Cord (£8.99)


With such a wide range to choose from, a leather necklace could be just what your casual outfits are missing.

Urban Male

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