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For many, the one big thing in October is Halloween. It is a time for children to dress up in cute costumes and eat lots of sweets…er we think not. It is a time for adults to dress up in scary/slutty costumes and get horribly drunk – that’s more like it. So what will you be ‘going as’ this year? A werewolf? Mummy? A zombified African elephant (that’s the one with the bigger ears, not to be confused with it’s smaller cousin the Indian elephant). Well, if you don’t know what you’re dressing as then look no further as we’ve some ideas fresh from google that’ll either increase your cool factor or make somebody defecate. Only kidding…we didn’t use google.

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Breaking Bad – This year, why not dress up as everybody’s favourite meth dealer? Breaking bad is a cult phenomenon which makes you cool and it’s a really simple costume to pull off. Just a hazmat suit really and you can even buy a cardboard mask to go with it. The suit would look really cool spattered in blood as well don’t you think?


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Morphsuits – Another simple costume idea is the increasingly popular Morphsuit. Ranging in lots of different colours, there is also a growing number of printed film characters that are surprisingly effective. We do wonder how warm they are, especially at this time of year, so perhaps an indoor affair is best suited to wear one of these.

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A simple mask – If you’re not in the mood for a complete outfit you can opt for just a simple mask. You can pretty much wear anything else you like as the mask is the feature here, but feel free to match your costume to your mask if possible. You can go for a full head or just a plain ol’ Alan Carr cardboard mask. We do actually love the masquerade one with the pointy nose (really creepy) and if you buy a plain one you can paint it up yourself.


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The Zombie – This is a classic and you can really do it on a budget with just a bit of make up, some old clothes, a dodgy limp and your best impression of Kathleen Turner having an orgasm. Alternatively there are loads of great masks out there and also complete costumes. The costume on the left is a licensed Walking Dead product of which there is a pretty cool collection.


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Complete costumes – Ranging in price from the tacky to the superb you can go for the set costume, more often then not with sewn in layers of fabric giving the illusion of a full outfit. This isn’t a bad thing as some can look really effective and the more expensive ones you can simply hire out. There are a lot out there ranging from classic movie characters to just plain weird. You can always spook it up as well with make up and fake blood.


We hope we’ve given you a few ideas and if you like anything on this page simply click the image.

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