Top men’s Pinterest Bracelet Looks

It’s all very well buying and wearing the things you like but sometimes you can feel uninspired to give it much thought, so we’ve put together our top Pinterest looks for men’s bracelets to help you carry off your desired look. Perhaps you think you over do it and want a more simplistic look or vice versa. Have a look and see what you think.

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It’s all about the layering of bracelets these days and it’s not that hard to choose a bunch of bracelets you like and sling them together, but with a little more thought you can tailor the look to your outfit and bring a whole new level of style and detail. Some people choose to include varied designs or clashing colours which can bring a more unique feel (men are getting braver when it comes to embracing loud colours), sophistication coming from matching darker colours and stainless steel, and layering around a watch for instance can go great with either choice.

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Single or double bracelets can be worn as a modest look or as a bold statement depending on the simplicity or complexity of the design. Stacked beads and diverse styles can create a more bohemian look; match them against your baggy T and compliment with a pendant for a matching outfit. Alternatively you can clash your colourful accessories with a suit and show them off, and leather bracelets such as cuffs are ideal for matching against your belt and look great with most choices of clothing. So basically it’s all about finding the right styles and slinging them together (is that a contradiction?), and if you need a bit more inspiration, check our pinterest page or website where we have loads of products to choose from. There’s just one more thing to say…loom bands!


loom bands


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