Top 5 Albums For Christmas

The party season has arrived. A time for friends, family, food, booze …and good music. Not necessarily in that order!? To get in the festive mood, one must embrace the good cheer all around and a good place to start is by listening to good music. We’ve done something a little bit different this month as we’ve simply put together a selection of relatively new music that will ensure a great party atmosphere as opposed to new releases. Although the recently merged McBUSTED is a new release this month. What do you think? Will this line up make for a good night?


McBUSTED – Mcfly and Busted come together in their debut album McBUSTED. Busted fizzled out pretty quickly (and Charlie got eaten by his eyebrows) but Mcfly have flourished over the years, evolving into a fantastic band that borderline escapes that ‘guilty pleasure’ label making it OK for guys to love them too. The stuff we’ve heard so far from McBusted are energetic and fun which will have no problems getting your party started, with great up beat tracks like ‘Air Guitar’, ‘What happened to your band’ and ‘Love is on the radio’. The album is available now so don’t be shy and just embrace this mashup because they’ve proven themselves guys. Tom’s face still doesn’t get any easier to look at though.


George Ezra & NOW 89 – He’s taken us all by storm with his unique (husky?) voice and we just can’t get enough of this chap. His songs are like honey to our ears (logically that’s not a comfortable thought) which we can listen to over and over again. It’s a great feel good album that will loosen up your mood and make you not care so much that the dog’s attempting to eat the turkey. NOW 89 needs no introduction really, as you’ve likely heard all the songs and made up your own mind about whether  the latest chart hits take your fancy. The NOW compilations have long been a must for most people hosting parties and with 45 chart hits and 10 No 1’s on this particular offering it will be no different. They’re both out already.


Rudimental & AVICII – Although these have been out a while, these are definitely 2 must have albums. You will have heard tracks from these albums all over the place and the vibes you get from tracks like Rudimental’s ‘Feel the love’ and AVICII’s ‘You make me’ are just pure magic.

Have fun.

The team at Urban Male.

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