Urban Male Monday – Michael Jordan

As far as sporting legends go, they don’t come much bigger than Michael Jordan. This weekend marked his 50th birthday and with it has come a stream of well wishes and commendations from other great sportsmen and basketball players.

He created something in basketball that had never been done before, with his showmanship, style and all round ability. Even now after retiring 11 years ago, players and children still want to ‘Be Like Mike’, a true testament to the man’s greatness. His name carries so much weight in the sporting world, that it has even been used to create a brand in itself, from which a whole fashion line has been born.

A part of his iconic style is the single hoop Earring he has consistently worn, off the court, over the years.

Michael Jordan Single Hoop Earring

Michael Jordan Single Hoop Earring


Single Men's Sterling Silver Hoop Earring - £5.99

Single Men’s Sterling Silver Hoop Earring – £5.99

Two Colour Hooped Earring - £9.99

Two Colour Hooped Earring – £9.99


















A true great with an iconic style is exactly what we look for in our Urban Males. Happy Belated Birthday to Michael Jordan.

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