Valentines Day Date Ideas

Many of you probably have something in mind for this romantic event and many of you probably don’t, but we’ve had a few little ideas that might give you some inspiration. Now you don’t have to spend lots of money at an expensive restaurant where you’re overly cautious (and rightly so) of eating the bread on the table. If you want to do something memorable, why not shake things up a bit and do something different.

Home picnic – If a picnic sounds like a great idea but it’s perhaps a little too cold to sit on the grass outside, then why not bring it to the warmth of your own living room. You can set the mood by using pillows and lighting candles! If you do this during the day then you can just stick to sandwiches and a bottle of champagne, but as an evening affair, perhaps fondue or even a takeaway? Yeah, a takeaway picnic sounds great! Also with champagne, unless she’s more of a lager lass of course.

New experience – Socially, a lot of people tend to just visit the same old places and the same old restaurants; which there’s nothing wrong with of course, but how about discovering somewhere new together? Everybody at some point sees a place they like the look of but never get round to actually going. Discover somewhere new together and take lots of pictures.

Bucket list – Most people have a fantasy ‘bucket list’ but you don’t have to be old to start ticking things off. Both of you pick just one thing on your list and do it! It doesn’t have to be totally out there, but think of what fun you could have, and you can always incorporate it into a more romantic day for just a bit of a giggle.

Remake memories – This one’s a little weird, but if you haven’t known the love of your life…well, all your life, then do you sometimes wish you could have met earlier and shared more memories? Just a bit of fun, but you could dig out something you used to wear and just slip back a decade or so, maybe even to school? This has the potential to be quite fun, depending on how much you think you’ve changed, as someone with a more dramatic flare could make a good act of it!

Road trip – Just get in the car and go! It doesn’t have to be a long road trip but you never know what quaint little coffee shop you might find if you simply take a left instead of a right. Spending quality time with your lover doesn’t have to be extravagant, and she may applaud your inventiveness.

Cook – A romantic meal is a no brainer but there are lots of ways to make cooking at home more interesting. You and your partner could work together to cook a meal, perhaps something extravagant to test both your skills (then you can both laugh when it goes horribly wrong). Space permitting, you could each cook the other a meal; there are problems with this as not everybody cooks at the same speed, but if you fancy a challenge it could be fun!? Or you could just cook in the nude.


Have a great day.


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