World Cup Earrings

The World Cup is one of those sporting events, similar to the Olympics, that takes over and this year in Brazil it’s no different. For the football fanatic it’s the best thing ever, with game after game after game televised for all to enjoy. For those who aren’t so into the whole football thing, then it’s still an opportunity to get behind your country. Or alternatively, hide away for a month until it’s all over.

Well, whatever the case, we’ve got some Stud Earrings to get you in the mood. Get behind your nation!

Italian Flag - £5.99

Italian Flag – £5.99

German Flag - £5.99

German Flag – £5.99

Australian Flag - £5.99

Australian Flag – £5.99










USA Flag - £5.99

USA Flag – £5.99

France Flag - £5.99

France Flag – £5.99

Spain Flag - £5.99

Spain Flag – £5.99











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